Carabiner issued at Chilwell

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by cavasfcuk, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Guys,

    Any idea what the carabiner issued from Chilwell for op tour is for. It is bloody huge, so it must be something pretty hefty?

  2. Clipping big heavy things to other things?
  3. Clipping you onto the side of a helicopter that doesn't have a spare seat inside, perhaps?
  4. Clipping your bergan to the outside of a vehicle? Thats what we were using them for on H9 although they wernt issued then.
  5. My guess - It is for whatever you need to use it for. It must be a relatively new piece of kit as I cant remember ever having been issued one. Can you confirm what, if any, markings are on it, weight limits etc.
  6. I got one in Sep last year at RMTC, fecking right it's a big un, certainly not for hooking ur helmet to webbing!
  7. I was issued one, never used it. Maybe for towing a vehicle, or underslinging said vehicle under Helo!
  8. Its for attaching your began, day sack to the outside of mastiffs etc. Although there are two schools of thought over this practise.
  9. Stop giving sensible answers Martin!
  10. Shouldn't you be studying some vocab??
  11. Care to divulge, so we can rip apart the one that's toss.
  12. I would love to, but I'm sure some one would then flame me for breaching, as they see it OPSEC
  13. Not really as how would it aid the enemy.

    Are we talking no loose kit on the inside to avoid missile hazard?

    No ECM or weapons on the outside - well that's easy, secure it inside.

    Hardly difficult.
  14. Yep thats the two schools
  15. Except some people want everything on the outside because they're too lazy to secure it on the inside.