Car written off by Carabinieri

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. So a few months ago I went to visit a mate in northern italy with my gf's car.
    literally 5 minutes after arriving at his place, and looking for a place to park permanently for the weekend, some bloke drove into the back of me. I had stopped behind a 4x4 who stopped to let somebody out of a parking spot. the impact was hard enough to propel us into the car in front, who suffered no damage, or didn't care. he drove off.

    our car however was fecked on all sides. the bloke who did it was italian carabinieri, he tried to fob me off with cash in hand.

    got the police involved and took pictures, wrote a report, got his stuff etc etc. fecked off, could drive home with the car as no mechanical damage, but repairing the body work on all sides costs more than the car is worth.

    problem is we've been waiting for months now. now after months we've finally discovered that his car isn't insured with the insurance specified. our mechanic (who's italian himself) will be trying to get hold of the bloke this afternoon.

    if he can't. any ideas what I could do? we're based in switzerland btw, want to be moving to the UK in a few months time though and want to get this over with.
    my gf seems to be happy to let it drop the silly bint!

    I'll drive down again and knock on Alessio Bertini's fecking door before I'll drop this!
  2. Serve you right for starting with So like some dumb **** yank.
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  3. So, like the previous post, you're fcuked then.

    So there.
  4. fair point.
  5. you don't HAVE to jump on the bandwagon you know.

    you could also give advice, if you lack any, you could **** off to the naafi.
  6. It will cost you more to get the money out of him than it will to replace the car.

    Can you claim on your insurance as being hit by an uninsured driver?
  7. What does your insurance company say about this claim? Were you driving under the cover of a green card, in which case you are only insured 3rd party normally. Have the Caribinieri closed their case? Surely if he was driving on a non existent policy he has broken Italian law?
  8. I know... court isn't really an option.
    a visit might be though, as a last resort.

    will have to find out.
    thanks for the proper post. since most threads' outcome are decided by the first few replies I was afraid this thread wouldn't bear any fruit anymore.
  9. And have his mates run you in for harassment? Unless you've got corrupt influence somewhere, don't even bother. A crooked copper in a legendarily corrupt country isn't going to be bothered by some outraged Brit hammering on his door.
  10. the insurance company said his insurance have to pay us out, basically.
    I will hopefully be able to tell you more after our mechanic has chatted to the culprit. that is if he get's hold of him.
  11. fair point.
    though I didn't mean to threaten violance, but the law. he seemed very concerned about what happened at the time. so maybe I can cash in on that.
  12. One thing that might bear fruit is going to his CO. The Carabinieri have more of a military system of discipline than the normal police (which is why they are well turned-out whilst national and city police look like a collection of thugs and prossies).
  13. I have worked with the Carabinieri both in Italy and inTheatre and they are a first rate bunch of professionals. I might suggest that if there is a problem, the OP should contact the DA in Rome who could have a quiet word at MOD level. Just make sure that the story is correct and there are no assumptions...otherwise this could embarrass those involved and the DA.
  14. I'm sure the DA is going to get of his arse because some civvie may or may not had a prang.
  15. I made a written statement, so did he, as did 2 mates of mine, and we have pictures of the aftermath from various angles. so that shouldn't be a problem.