Car wrangle looms in US bail-out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Neo-socialism: alive and kicking in the USofA.
  2. There is a much simpler solution: Require all imported cars to go through the same testing and for the same "testing fees" as are required for US cars to enter Japan. When you add $3000+ to the price of a Toyota Corolla it becomes much less attractive. Would not hurt Jags, Rolls, Bentley as people paying that price can afford the extra price.

    Ford and GM are hurting due to huge cost of benefits to retired employees. If they go under the retirees who worked all their lives making cars would be really stuck. Letting US marques compete in a fair marketplace should level tha playing field
  3. I believe that is called "globalism returns to bite your ass".

    When the US competes on a "level" or "fair" marketplace, I for one shall rejoice. All I see is a rather loaded marketplace where some do as the will, and others are expected to do as they're told.
  4. Firstly, most Japanese cars sold in the USA are made in the USA. Secondly, Ford and GM are hurting because nobody wants their cars. Mercedes and BMW are highly expensive cars from countries which also give huge benefits to retired people. But folk still buy them!
  5. Sorry but no, GM & Ford are hurting because of shockingly bad management, refusal to innovate, dreadful quality and a head in the sand approach to problems ie in trouble ? Reach for a Washington lobbyist...

    Also whining about Japan putting obsticles in the way of imports (like quality control) the biggest issue is that like the Brits (and The Romans) the Japs drive on the left. A fact that Detriot arrogantly refused to cater for.

    Check out this from the NYTimes yesterday -

    Aas you be able to tell I have had the misfortune to own and drive American and will no longer do so. Like a hell of a lot of Yanks :wink: