Car Wash, anyone......

How old is that phot? Or has grandad rocked up in his retro Ford to get his rocks off?
That's a Lada I reckon.
Lada or Zhiguli - doesn't matter as almost all of them are on their last legs/wheels. I had a Zhiguli in Moscow 20 year ago - it looked old even then!
Poland is it not? Looks like the old commie Palace in Warsaw?

Edit: Ignore me. I'm rambling apparently.
The Riva/2102 all but vanished, practically overnight from here, many re-exported to Communistical places. The guys buying them were giving top money, as those bound for the UK market had better paint, and extra bits added on in Kings Lynn when they arrived. A Polish-registered transporter was stopped by the RUC on it's way to Larne. The driver allegedly offered the copper a bung, but all the peeler was trying to tell him was that one of the cars wasn't lashed down properly.
It's in another thread.
Seems the "babes" are only "washing" Russian made cars in a "We all love Putin" inspired publicity stunt.
You could just join the lemming like dipwits of 2011 and get a " free " wash on a trip to Holy Island .... don't bother to check the tide times everything will be OK .... Hi Hi .

Yes... every time I drive past those premises that advertise "Hand Car Wash" .... I really get this mad urge to come back at night and change all the signs to.. "Hand Relief and Blow Jobs Given"...

I know... I'm a tad unhinged and I forgot to take me Meds again this morning....
In the states they do this all the time, always very scantily dressed ladies willing to wash your car for a bob or two. Some of them are far too young too even for us lot in here. One minute you're letching at a very tasty and do-able 18 -24 year old like a mad thing and the next wondering if the filth have put the 12-15 year olds in a bikini and and are watching you from around the corner..................... very very strange place.

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