Car vandals "too costly to prosecute"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slick, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Two car vandals in Norwich were cautioned following ten incidents of damaging cars. Police stated it would be pointless to prosecute as the culprits were unemployed immigrants with no monetary support. Two quotes from the Police
    I bet they`re shaking in their boots.
    Can anyone tell me what exactly the Police do these days if they cannot even pursue low level crime like this. :evil:
  2. That's fcuking sh!t!!!!

    If they can't afford to pay the fine or have no fixed abode they could be jailed (though knowing the judiciary they'll probably get about a week)

    I can't believe they got cautioned for 10 offences.

    Norwich police should be ashamed of themselves, though i suspect the decision was made by a CPS lawyer as they have the final say in who goes to court in all but the most simple cases (eg public order or minor offences if the suspect admits it)
  3. This is one more step closer to people not bothering with calling the politzei full stop. Why waste a phone call when Mr Baseball-Bat can deliver instant justice. Bring it on!
  5. So why are the scum still in the country and not getting out of an albert at 10,000 feet with no chute over their homeland???
  6. I live in Norfolk and this is not an isolated case too many people get let off because it is the Purse Strings controlling things and not the justice system.

    Although we did have a good redress when Tony Martin shot those pikeys a few years back, I feel his big mistake was not killing both of them, all he had to do was take them out and dump them in a dyke on one of ther remoter fens and no one would have been the wiser.
  7. Good mate of mine had his car vandalised in november by some gyppos who had moved into his building: CCTV clearly showed that it was them trashing his new BMW in the 'secure' underground garage.

    He called the police only to be told that the footage wasn't clear enough to prove that it was the gyppos.

    Next day 10 of his lads from one of his warehouses turn up and batter fcuk out the gyppos. They have ejected them from the building and have been told that if they ever return to the area then a contract will be placed on them.

    Why did things have to escalate in serious criminality? Because the local plod refused to take action.
  8. I had my car broken into about 4 and a bit years ago by a druggie.

    The cops couldn't be bothered to come and collect dna from my car (it was covered in this pr1ck's blood) as they were 'too busy'. On my way to the bodyshop, I passed two mobile police units doing car tax checks. They point blankly refused to assist me.

    Anyways, roll forward a couple of weeks and I got a call from a copper. 'the_matelot, we've found the guy who broke into your car (over £500 worth of damage was done to it) but he's a druggie and a young lad (he was older than me at the time!) and has no money'. Well fcuking prosecute him them I said. But they couldn't be bothered to do that...

    After that little incident, I've lost all respect for the police. Fcuk them. They need to get their bloody priorites sorted.
  9. Am I alone in thinking that any criminal found in possession of drugs, or any crime committed to pay for a habit should automatically attract a 10 year prison sentence (with no remission, and no release until the scumbag has passed 5 years worth of random drug tests)?
  10. I agree totaly mate. the fact that they're druggie scum shouldn't be an excuse. the taking of a controlled drug (and therefore it's possession) is an offence, not an excuse.

    It's a shame that senior police officers and the courts can't see it.
  11. sorry to hear about that mate, i'm not making excuses for the officers but the decision as to wether or not to prosecute was probably made by a CPS (Criminal Protection Service) lawyer who doesn't have to speak to you to explain his or her decision. I think that the public should have the right to know the name and email address of the CPS lawyer making these decisions and contact them to ask for the rationale behind these decisions (or lack of bottle)

    As for loss of respect for the police, it's not just you mate, the majority of the decent members of the public are. we're being made fools of my the government, senior managers and the courts, see my above post on my thoughts on druggies and senior management who dictate he priorities to the police on the ground.
  12. Indeed, this is often the case, but I`m just wondering how tight a case the CPS need these days...the two were caught on camera, owned up to it and another eight offences as well :evil:
  13. They should be prosecuted on principle and not cost. Victims of crime are second rate citizens nowadays.
  14. I live in Naaarwich and there are some areas of the city which suffer from quite bad social deprevation. I live near (but not in), one such area. The area these two men were caught on CCTV vandalising cars is heading out towards another area. If they weren't unemployed immigrants they'd be white trash, or school kids (one of the poorest schools in Norfolk is in that area).
    If they can't afford a fine then they should start by cleaning the toilets in the police station and washing all the cars :evil: Nothing to stop the police educating the public in the consequences of their actions and how to act as proper citizens... oh, wait a minute, there is...
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Would one support the good ole USA system of chain gangs?
    So much rubbish to be cleared, verges trimmed, chewing gum to be removed ... and council employees are so expensive and hard to recruit.
    Gets my vote, anyway, and always has. Hard to look cool when chained to a long line of scrotes who are also clearing up their mates' sh*t ... :lol: