Car Troubles - BFGing Cars

I know this probably isn't the correct forum to post this on but being REME I thought I'd get the most constructive answers here. (It gets complex!)

I'm having troubles de- BFG'ing my two cars.

I got a new BMW from the UK in Jan this year on a NAAFI balloon deal and BFG'd it as normal. I give it back to BMW in Feb 09.

In the meantime I heard a rumour that there was a posting coming up for me so ordered a new Ford in my wife's name. (Before a posting order arrived)

I now have a posting order and immediately started the de-BFG process on the BMW (I hadn't collected the Ford yet).

I sent my paperwork off for the BMW two weeks ago but still don't have the 414 back.

I intend to start the registration/de-registration process for the Ford on Monday. (I'm told that they can now do this as one process).

I'm concerned that my initial 414 has taken so long and that if the paperwork for the Ford takes just as long I'll move before it comes back (posted early Aug).

Any one out there have any similar experiences or advice? I don't want to get stung for tax on two new cars!
Give Customs & Immigration @ JHQ a call mate. Think they are still snowed under from 4Mech Bde's move to UK. I am part of that move and it took my 414 nearly 5 weeks to come back....had a similar sweat on.

Give them your Regt No and they can tell you when it arrived, was processed and was sent back.

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