Car theft not a crime.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Ryder02, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Okay, not sure if this should be in the legal area or here, so please feel free to shoot me down (or mods, move it if I am wrong).

    However a female friend of mine not long back bought a car of a local bloke (in St Helens).

    She left the car unattended on Sunday afternoon and when she returned to it, it was missing.

    After reporting the matter to the police she found out that the previous owner of the vehicle had retained the keys and taken it from her possesion. She has been rount

    She did not have any reciepts (stupid I know, but not unknown in private sales) however the V5 is in her name. There were some of her possesions in the vehicle - alas because he retained keys he did not commit criminal damage by forcing it open.

    Today the police have been in touch to tell her that they consider this to be a private matter and they will not be taking it any further.
    To my eyes at the very least, this would be against section 12(1) of the Theft act - I know that this sort of thing is on the increase, however if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
  2. Sounds like too much hard work when they can just lift someone for calling someone else a wog.
  3. Alert the media and then call whoever is standing as your local elected police commissioner.

    A few interviews later and she'll be having her car back in 24 hours. Insist on a valet and a full tank of petrol too.
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  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So, you expect us to believe that people in St Helens buy cars, pay for them and expect the vendor not to come back and nick them with a set of dupe keys? You expect us to believe that people in St Helens are not a bunch of Scouse car thieves? That Scouse Pikeys refer to people from St Helens as 'Woollybacks' because they wear woolen clothing. And not because they shag sheep and are the sort of deadbeat thieves that make Scousers ashamed.

    Or have I got it terribly wrong?
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  5. Yes

    However for the longer answer - there are good and bad everywhere. I have come up against complete scum in far too many parts of the UK, not only in dead beat sink estates but in leafy suburban middle class suburbs.

    I have met some really decent, honest good people in the roughest of pubs.

    As to your direct question - she is a decent person who didn't expect to get ripped off by a scum bag. However you really want to talk about scum ripping people off, perhaps you should direct your anger towards the incumbants of the square mile.

    (May I ask what Utopia you hail from?)
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Are you Jesus Christ? If you are, can we have a chat about copyright on the book? PM me, yah?
  7. Nah, just a disciple of the FSM. Okay Duke - I apologise. I rose to your bait. I did come on here hoping for help from my fellow members of ARRSE and as this was not the NAAFI bar I expected such.

    If you do have any practical advice to offer, then please do. At this point she is very upset and as the police are unwilling to help (and I wish to stay within the law) any genuine advice whatsoever would be very welcome.
  8. Suggest the victim walks down to local cop shop,and informs whichever plod deigns to talk to her that 'Taking Without The Owners Consent',is still on the statute books as a crime,and as such it behoves said plod,to get of his ******* arse and enforce the law.

    If that is to difficult for the first plod,just work your way up the heirarchy in the station,until you find one that can not only read a law book,but also understand,A) what it means,and B) what he gets an exorbitant amount of money for,and C) who pays his ******* wages,if none of that works,then go and talk to local MP/Paper! ;-)
  9. Go back to the police, speak to a more senior copper. If no joy complain and write to Chief Constable and the local MP.
  10. Cheers for the last two. I have already told her to head down to the local nick with a copy of section 12(1) of the 1968 theft act and have a word with them. I will now tell her to speak to at least a Sergeant, Inspector if she can get hold of one.

    I think the threat of bad publicity to the police (much as I generally like them) combined with the Chief Constable and MP/Local council might help do the trick.

    FFS this should be easy one for them a gift - we have the person who did the crime, get an easy detection for them!

    Thanks again gents.
  11. so the bloke who sold the car just took it back for no reason? theres 2 sides to every story. I'm sure i-plod would have asked him about his and his reasoning why, he must have told them something to make them think it wasnt outright theft, ie- 'she didnt pay me all the money/dope/blow jobs required', ok says i-plod, and back to complainant, 'oi love, got the reciepts', 'er no, i dont,...'
    ..i dont blame the cops for wanting nothing to do with it. but they should have shot the fecker for being from st-helens anyway.
  12. Who buys a car but doesn't get a receipt? (Proof of ownership)

    Is the V5 in her name?

    Who witnessed the seller take the car or are we assuming he kept the keys and nicked it? (Proof he's the offender)

    I'm sorry but there are chunks missing here. If this is the story plod have been told no wonder they're suspicious. I'm not having it they have just refused to investigate the matter.
  13. V5 is NOT proof of ownership. it says so on the doc.
  14. She did have the V5 in her name, but wasn't aware of that little nugget Dr Stealth. Bugger... If we can find out where he has stashed it then it might be a case of doing unto him.
  15. As expressed in previous posts, it's complicated! They would have spoken to the suspect but he must have given them a decent story to get them to leave it as a civil matter if the V5 was in her name.
    personally find it hard to believe that she would walk away from at the very least handing over a few hundred pounds without a receipt, you can get a V5 for a vehicle not registered to you from DVLA they write to the registered owner first before giving it to you.

    If shes well out of pocket and has a reasonable chance of proving it take out a small claims at county court to get the car back