Car theft no longer a crime

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ryder02, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Evening gents.
    I originally posted this in the motoring forum, however I have received no useful help there so if there any legal eagles lurking in the shadows who can help me in any way I would be genuinely grateful.

    A female friend of mine not long back bought a car of a local bloke (in St Helens).

    She left the car unattended on Sunday afternoon and when she returned to it, it was missing.

    After reporting the matter to the police she found out that the previous owner of the vehicle had retained the keys and taken it from her possesion. She has been round to the previous owners home but no sign of the vehicle. She originally heard it was for sale through a friend of a friend.

    She did not have any reciepts (stupid I know, but not unknown in private sales) however the V5 is in her name. There were some of her possesions in the vehicle - alas because he retained keys he did not commit criminal damage by forcing it open.

    Today the police have been in touch to tell her that they consider this to be a private matter and they will not be taking it any further.
    To my eyes at the very least, this would be against section 12(1) of the Theft act - I know that this sort of thing is on the increase, however if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
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  5. Just go and nick it back then if she still has a key, simples!
  6. All your car are belong to us.
  7. Has she got ANYTHING that could prove she has paid for this car? Up to and including a witness to the effect?

    The V5 is NOT a certificate of ownership, and is useless.

    The guy whos taken it, is it the guy she bought it from, or a guy that the seller had robbed it from in the first place?

    Has a cheque or similar bounced?

    Lots of stuff that would make this act legit. CAB may be a good starting point.