car tax when buying in germany

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by GAZ7544, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi all im new to this site,

    i just need some advice if anyone know about it please help.

    I brought a new tax free car on the 01 03 2007,

    after a year i was deploying on tour it was the 04 04 2008 when i was deploying even though i was told i would not be going till the end of may i had to go early.

    i had a problem i had no way of getting my car DE-registered and taken back to the UK,
    so i contacted the garage (NAFFI TAX FREE CAR SALES). to see what i could do no at the time i new nothing about how to do all this DE-registration part,

    i was told that they could do it for me and send the veh back to uk etc. which i thought great all i was told is i had to pay the cost to transport the veh back but as they do this every month it was not so much 250 quid i was told.

    so i went on tour and all was good until i got a letter saying there was a German tax bill for me and that the car had been sold for a lot less even though the car was on one of these deals buy back. so i now had a massive bill of over 5500 to pay.

    now im sure that if i own the car for over a year then i don't get taxed can anyone help on this matter please.

  2. You need to talk to VLO and C&I in JHQ. I can get the phone numbers and PM you tomorrow.
  3. Gaz,

    You need to contact the: C & I
    British Forces Germany
    BFPO 40

    Anything on here will be hearsay and probably incorrect.
  4. You just got back????

    You were on tour for FIVE YEARS??????????
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  5. Hi

    Cool many thanks for the Reply yes that would be great if you could get the numbers for me.

    thanks again


    (it always good to know there are people still out there that are willing to help other people.)
  6. lol no

    but i have just started to sort my life out,

    I have been paying companys and things off i got when i was a young soldier. and this is one of them i never really understood until now and i think i have been done over by this. so im just looking into it

    hay we all do it young and free and then big bank balance.

  7. Maybe also take some time out to visit the AEC and do a basic reading and writing course also. You come across as a bit dim.

    Sent from ma hoose.
  8. Glad to help, but sorting out your personal admin from 07/08, REALLY?

    Good luck with that mate.
  9. Hi Gaz.PM sent with the numbers needed.
  10. well im not here to pass a lesson on writing thanks i was just after info. on a tax problem

    but thanks for your input...

    There's always one

    I would like to say if im Dim how did i manage to learn 3 diff languages,become a driving instructor on all veh, and join the army, well ok the last one ill give ya...

    good day to you Sir
  11. Many thanks

    your a star