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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Proximo, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. I'm always slightly sceptical about the continuing trend to automate everything online, but the DVLA's Online Car Tax system utterly rocks!

    Just did mine - got a nice little print out and so forth.

    Click here to access the site - you will need your logbook, and your vehicle index.

    And some money.

    The tinternet - saving mongs from their bad admin since 1979! :D
  2. Used it yesterday - amazingly, government software that works!
  3. Yes VB - I didn't want to be that cynical as a fully paid up Government employee - but wow! Evidently Crapita had nothing to do with it! :D
  4. Or EDS, I suspect 8O
  5. Darth, Thank you for that, we all ought to see that it is put on P1Os etc.
  6. did mine afew weeks ago,it even checked my insurance was upto date for me, saved me ages trying to find it and a trip to the post office.....fookin superb
  7. Tip top idea, Pay Bloke!

    This is one of these issues that consume a few minutes in a soldier's day, yet because they have to get their docs, go to the Post Office, hang around etc etc, you do find a number of toms without car tax. Not due to any sort of criminal intent - they simply...forget - or more likely, get squirrelled off to sweep gunparks and so forth.

    What else would we like to see given the 'DVLA treatment'?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    This is just another example of computerising an existing system, rather than getting some intelligent thinking done and do away with a 'tax' which is levied on all raod users irrespective of how much thay actually use the roads.

    What they should do is bin the car tax, which doesn't pay for roads anyway, and ensure everyone puts an insurance sticker in their car instead.

    Crush those without the sticker and everyone will save £30 pa on their insurance, which will no longer have to cover the uninsured.

  9. I can dimly recall Germany having a system whereby your number plates were your tax disk - if you see what I mean.

    Can anyone with more current Boxland experience confirm/deny this?
  10. I got stopped early 90s by polizei who asked my about the coloured disc on my plates as my colour indicated insurance was out of date. When I told them they were BFG plates they said that was ok as BFG plates dont conform to this rule. (or didnt then)

    MSR - would be a cracking system - Even though I resent every penny of tax on fuel, if they raised it to cover road tax it would at least tax road users according to their road use.
  11. 1. Service Voter registration/renewal.

    2. Driving Licence address changes.

    Both are a pain (IMHO) when you move as frequently as HM Forces.
  12. Thats a little unfair, I did my tax return on line and got a cheque for over a grand within the week, now that fookin rocks! Not sure I'd have been so keen had it been the other way round!