Car Tax increases for 2009 based on CO2 Emissions

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fusilier50, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. work out how much the thieving bast ards are going to rip you off for next year.

    ive got a very economical corsa 1.2 litre and i am getting a tax rise of £55

    See how much it will cost you from April 2009...

    Band M - (255+ CO2 g/km) - £440 road tax
    Band L - (225-255)- £415 road tax
    Band K - (200-225) - £300 road tax
    Band J - (181-200) - £260 road tax
    Band I - (171-180) - £205 road tax
    Band H - (161-170) - £175 road tax
    Band G - (151-160) - £150 road tax
    Band F - (141-150) - £120 road tax
    Band E - (131-140) - £110 road tax
    Band D - (120-130) - £90 road tax
    Band C - (120-110) - £30 road tax
    Band B - (110-100) - £20 road tax
    Band A - (-100) - no road tax

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  2. How much you have to pay

    This site gives it in monetary value as opposed to CO2 emissions. I drive a 4x4 next year I pay £440 the year after I pay £455. Maybe if the government gave that money to the council and they spent that looking after my road I wouldn't need a 4x4 :roll:
  3. Being a pauper, my truck is not new enough to come under the new Tax rules. Still £200 by 2010 though :(
  4. Omissions?
  5. Well spotted.

    I presume the error is Fusilier50's. Still, I would not be surprised if New Labour has managed to cock this up! This is just the kind of error that they are prone to. :)
  6. My car is classed band C soon to be band E, however as it was registered the day before the banding came into force I have to pay full whack, £85 a year more than if I'd bought it a day later.
  7. Mines going up by over £200 per year.

    Will the ozone layer be repaired by this increase?
    Will the roads be repaired?
    Will congestion fall?
    Will the public transport infrastructure be improved?

    My fcuking arrse it will.

    Will road tax avoidance increase?
    Will more illegal and uninsured cars be on the roads?
    Will more snooping traffic cameras be introduced?
    Will the fuel duty levy increase?

    Your fcuking right it will.

  8. yes my mistake duly rectified.

    just how many taxes are this government going to impose on us. wages are not increasing by the same rate as taxation. im struggling to pay a mortgage as it is and i need my car to get to work. i chose a car that is one of the most economical around but find i am still having to pay more for it.
  9. 2004 pickup truck here, £180 tax still due to a loophole. :)
  10. Okay!!! Whit Mod changed the clocks too early!!!?????

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  11. Ah just one of the many lame excuses for owning a 4x4.