Car Tax.....Handy Hint!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GeneralMalaise, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I have just been told by a friend that you can re-tax your car online. I thought that he was joking until I went to this website link that he gave me:;JSESSIONID_EvlPortalApp=Eqom9HdkHFze5VqA6rluJKzmtOnc9WzqSL64SoQJExghXKAejVoL!1661975385!-1543977456?origin=vnav_bar.jsp&event=bea.portal.framework.internal.refresh&pageid=Apply+for+a+tax+disc+NOW%21
  2. Marvellous. I've been worrying myself sick over that for weeks.
  3. It is very handy. They've been doing it since late 2003/early 2004 as I was one of the lucky few chosen to act as the initial batch to test it. About bloody time as well!
    Mind you, the DVLA are still useless cnuts.....
  4. No I think you mean DVA! I've spent the last 11 weeks holding the hand of the temp PS in our office as her vetting is at the bottom of a large pile of paperwork somewhere in York. Their answerphone prides itself on the 1 month turnaround. For heaven's sake she's an old lady with no dodgy connections! Still, it beats working to earn my income! :evil:
  5. F_C,

    DO NOT get me started on that shower of useless barstewards as well.

    I've even got a letter of apology from their Chief Executive!

    Beat that....
  6. Funnily enough I tried to use it last night. I had the car MOTed yesterday and thought that rather than than battle the crowds downtown, I'd do it online.

    So, first step, it wants me to enter the 16 digit number that is in the big yellow box that covers a quarter of the reminder form..... Simple....Except....the big yellow box is empty, no 16 digit number, no nothing in fact, it's completely empty.

    Down to the post office today then.

  7. I can beat that.
    When I got divorced I had to pay to get a pension readout from the Army pensions people.
    They were so slow, (over a month for something they "Guarantee" to do within 10 days) I demanded a refund.
    Even they themselves admitted they were so slow that they gave me a full refund!
  8. Just taxed my car on there - cheers for that :) No longer do I have control my urge to drag the obnoxious, miserable tw@t working there through the tiny gap at the bottom of the counter window for throwing my paper work and money at me and talking to me in Chav speak :D Oh happy days!!