Car Storage and Problems over the lockdown

it does help if you can turn it over bugger the idling law
It’s only applicable on the highways, you’re fine on private property - as I explained to some knob head whilst waiting for the wife in Sainsbury’s car park.


Just got back after 4 months lockdown.

Toyota Yaris hybrid, started first time, no problem. Winner .

Need to clean it and check the tyre pressure.
You still need a 5/16" Whitworth spanner to take the cover off.
Centurion tool kit. 1/4" X 5/16". Jolly good.
I've still got mine. I suppose 05ZR70 is unmendable now.
I have a starter handle for my series2a where can I recharge myself if the battery is flat?
All this modern shite.
Battery start? Turn tap on, tickle carb, swinging kick, bang. orf goes the '57 16c Matchbox. Through the woods, across the the pub..
Fleet of Mercedes Sprinters.
Less than half of them start after a month of standing. Most of them have siezed brakes, those that don't are shredding pads and discs
Can't bump start them, most can't be jumped. Replacement battery if its been flat for more than a few days.

Modern technology my arse.....

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