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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Yeoman_dai, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Well, here's a simple idea. With the country trapped beneath a blanket of 7 odd inches of snow, how has your car done this christmas? The general thrust of this thread being to pick out the stars of on snow motoring, and the lemons.

    As a starter... being from a mukti car family, my own BMW 330d auto has been predictably, thats not the, yes, awful. Predictably awful for my first winter with it, and hasn't moved much beyond the drive for the last 3 weeks. Partly because I can't get it OFF the gently sloping drive...

    The '09 Golf GTi basically behaves like an over-excited puppy, spinning the wheels and sliding everywhere but progress CAN be made. Just.

    The '03 Subaru Forrester S Turbo is unstoppable, as is the '06 Discovery, both of which laugh in the face of any kind of drift, ice or slope, the Disco in particular. But we expected that.

    So, what's your motor, and how's it managing?
  2. My BMW doesn't work at all on snow. Stuck in for 3 days over the weekend because of it.
  3. Honda Civic has performed well so far apart from when i reversed into street parking with quite a steep camber and with front wheels on ice but slight push and away it went
  4. Volvo V70 D5 SE with Geartronic gear box in automatic mode. No problems at all.
  5. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    4.0 Litre V8 Discovery with 2 inch lift running 265/75 All Terrain tyres. absolutely brilliant going down the A1 on Saturday night in the outside lane in fresh snow while everyone else was nervously crawling along at 20mph
    Also have a new Mitsubishi ASX3 which so far has handled superbly in the snow (only 2 wheel drive)
  6. Christmas duties + work vehicle + Bruggen airfield - any other vehicles or pedestrians = a fun week. :)
  7. My Jap Import floods on start up in anything below 0.

    Therefore she's spent the last 3 weeks tucked away in the garage. Did have one outing last Thursday though when we had a barmy 7 degree's C!

    Oh how I forgot how annoying public transport is
  8. 1991 VW Jetta + wound down coilovers + Aberdeen = fun

    Not had any dramas. Just fun.
  9. my curry delivery /taxi* vehicle with f*k all tyre wear left has been fine -don't know what all the fuss is about, had some interesting moments but its all part of the fun..

    *2000 Primera
  10. 2010 Ford Focus estate has had very few problems and those were easily solved with Auto Socks which allowed me to be one of the few 2WD vehicles to get up to our village on Monday evening.

    My son is upset that his Citroen Saxo (W reg) has not yet provided him with an opportunity to try out his Auto Socks, but then he did not try and go anywhere yesterday, apart from snow boarding and the pub!

    Mrs Hungwe is also getting about reasonably well in a 2004 Ford Fiesta, apart from getting up our short steep drive this morning.

    Only a small amount of entertainment from Rear Wheel Drive Mercedes and BMWs so far, but Audi's with low profile tyres seem to be having fun around here.
  11. What are Auto Socks?
  12. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    "AutoSock - textile wheel covers with an elasticated edge; you just slip them over the driving wheels when you find yourself getting stuck. ("Yes - it really is this easy" and "Yes, of course they work!") Be prepared for the winter by carrying a set of AutoSock in your car, happy in the knowledge that

    fitting them is easy. If you can pull a sock over your foot you can push a fabric cover over a wheel.
    fitting them requires no practice.
    they weigh less than 1kg and take up minimal space. It's sensible to keep them with the spare wheel, always ready for use.
    they are relatively universal, i.e. one size fits over 60% of cars.
    they're reusable again and again - providing value for money for years to come.
    they work!
    prices start at only £49.95!
    Probably the most difficult part of the operation is remembering that they're there!"
  13. been looking after a friends L/R 90CSW whilst they are in the sun.
    great fun, not got stuck even in the deepest snow!!
    and i have tried to get it stuck so i can play with the bumper mounted winch!!;-)
  14. Hi,
    My weapon of choice for the snowy season is a Hagglunds BV206, i never get stuck...............ever!

    Kind regards

    R M