car situation when training + a few questions

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. 8O Hello,

    In 2 weeks I've got a 2 week holiday and then after that it's onto applying for the army.

    I've got a car myself and just wondering what happens with the car when you're doing phase 1 and phase 2 training, have they a place where you do both of them to store the car?, do they charge fee's for it?

    second question, can anbody give me a rough time frame of how long it takes, I'll be applying at the End of July so when roughly if it all goes to plan, nice and smoothly will i be starting basic training (phase 1), roundabout October?, November?, December?


    B Wood
  2. No space for cars at Phase one but it depends on where your going for Phase two and trade training.
  3. come on people, so far 19 views and no replys

    come on lads!
  4. cheers for the car info, any luck on the average timespan?
  5. Timespan will depend on spaces and how many courses are being run and which ATR you are going too?
  6. thanks for all the answers so far, I don't expect a definite answer, like you said there are so many variables, but could anybody give me a rough-ish idea, say from the shortest they knew, middle of the road to the longest


    B Wood
  7. Shortest I know of is two weeks longest is 18 months sorry best I can do
    Have you tried asking your recruiter?
  8. I first walked into the careers office in Jan 2006. Medicals held it up a while, but selection in July, Phase 1 in October, Phase 2 in February and off to regiment in 1 week.
  9. Without knowing what you want to do in the Army I say to you this:

    How the **** long is a piece of string?
  10. Try reading the threads, Ben, and you'll find that you could end up in any one of the Training Regiments, and that could take some time, and you might not pass the selection process in any case. Tell us what you want to do and we might be able to take an educated guess...

  11. dont wait till the end of july to first work into the local it now paperwork takes along time so get the ball rolling now
  12. Hello ben1985, what will happen is that your car will be towed away and crushed.
  13. Ben, no need to wait, get it started now.

    As mentioned above, you may end up waiting for paperwork.

    Who do you want to join and what as?
  14. Generally if you write to the RSM for the Training Regiment you are going to he will arrange for a parking space to be made available as there only a limited number. Ideally he will also try to allocate you a space closer to your barrack room.

    Then again you could do what most other people do and get your arse onto a train.
  15. If you have an MOT you can park it whereever you want outside of a barracks, regardless of what they say within the wire. IE the muppets at leconsfield who say you cannot park outside in the MQ, ...public road....