Car shunt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dannyboy2511, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. The Mrs just called me, and has had a little shunt in the car on the way home from work.

    She said she was waiting in line at a roundabout, behind two other cars. The lead car went to pull off then decided better of it. Matey hits her from behind and my Mrs gives him a clout.
    She says it was just a touch, and no damage to her car or his at the rear. The lead car was damaged at the rear. and so was the front of the car in the middle..

    No one was hurt, and they drove off after exchanging details. And he said he would call my Mrs later to sort out the matter.

    I was wondering if anyone knew where she stands on this? Is it a case of she hit him from behind, so tough luck?
  2. Read that back to yourself. It looks as though she's 3rd in line. Who's "Matey"? Can you please explain it using cars 1 to 4
  3. Car 1 was at the roundabout. "matey" is car 2 in the middle. and my Mrs is car 3 at the back.

    Car 1 goes to pull of at the lights, hesitates and gets hit by car 2. My Mrs in car 3 then hits the back of car 2.
  4. If your wife was the last car then standby for a prosecution for careless driving and all the other drivers trying to claim off her insurance. Take photographs of the damage to your car. Your wife should have taken photographs of the other cars at the time of the accident.

    Normally insurance companies agree that it is normally (and I stress the word "normally") too difficult to find out exactly who was to blame for a multi-car shunt, so the insurer of the last car pays for all. While this may be unfair on the individual driver concerned, for the insurance companies it all averages out over time and makes their life a lot easier. If you wife can prove that the damage to the front car and the damage to to front of the 2nd car could not have been caused by her, then she may escape having to pay much, but even so the Plod may try and do her for careless driving (and if found guilty it makes the cases of the other 2 drivers much easier to claim on your wife's insurance).

    I've been out of the UK for a while now, but over here and at home (Guernsey) there is a requirement for all parties to notify the police. There are several traffic plod on here who can give you the definitive answer.
  5. I think that only applies if an injury has occurred, in England at least. (that was a few years ago as well)
  6. She has no damage to her car. And the car she hit also had no damage from where she hit him. The damage was from car 2 hitting car 1.
    She said they had already hit each other, and she then hit car 2.

    The police have not been informed as of yet. And she didn't think to take any pictures. So was slightly shaken and did not have her thinking cap on.

    Would it be best to inform the police of this ourselves?
  7. What dread said, photographs are the way ahead, also call the Police, get them out to do their job(a bit late I know).
  8. Your missus is at fault then.
  9. Yeah it certainly seems that way. Unforntunately she did not call the police or take any pictures. So she is going to call her insurance company now and give them a heads up.

    Higher premiums next year no dought.
  10. Don't inform plod then.
  11. So hang on:

    She caused no damage.
    She caused nobody to cause damage.

    Why the **** did she get involved at all? Shoulda got out, had a look, no damage 'cheers then, best be off!' etc.
  12. Haha, I said something very similar to her. Unfortunately she didn't call me untill after she had played nice with the other parties.
  13. Await claim for whiplash, lower back injury, etc.
  14. Maybe she should change her story. He reversed into her having hit the first car. If no damage has been caused to or by her (other than a small paint exchange), I don't know if it's too late for her to keep out of it altogether? Maybe she should have a think about what to tell the insurers, before telling them.
  15. You mean advice fucknuts.....not!