Car Scrappage-Any chance the qualification dates will change

The law of sod obviously applies in my life. My current car hasn't got too much life in her left, though 165k+ miles in a petrol isn't shabby. I was looking into the scrappage scheme, but the cutoff date for eligible cars is the end of Aug 1999. And when was mine first registered? 18 Sept 1999. Dammit!

So - anyone know if this cutoff date might change in the next few months, or am I doomed?

Or has anyone got any cunning ideas what I can do about it?
i thought the whole point was that it was 10 years old - surely the cut off date would have to change the older the scheme gets??? not an answer i know just a pointless observation.
I thought the scheme was purely a short window of opportunity to kick start the car industry, and once funding from central Gubmint dries up it'll die a death?
I've just done mine, and the sales woman has told me that the uptake has been huge, so can't see the goverment allowing it to go on much longer. Get it done now.

The official line is:

To qualify the car or van must be 10 years old, or to be exact registered in Britain on or before 31 August 1999.

Which makes mine 3 weeks too young - arrrgh!
The goverment has put a pot of £300m into this, once it has dried up, that is it, or april 2010, which ever comes 1st, so you should be able to get it!

However i have looked into this as i have a 13yr old car, i checked out a couple of different dealers and got quotes under the scrappage scheme, then a liitle later i did the same again under a different guise without the scrappage scheme and low and behold, they threw so many other discounts at me the quotes where pretty much the same.

Its all a CON!!!
And for all those with BFG registered cars? Forget it! My daughter recently bought her new car after posting to BFG with her husband (serving soldier). She was told that whilst she wouldn't qualify for the industry offered £1000 discount she could claim back the £1000 offered by the government. She came back to UK to pick up the new motor only to be fobbed off with 'unfortunately your old car needs to have been registered in THIS country for he last 12 months'!

Outraged at yet more discrimination against our Armed Forces, I have written to my local MP (ex Soldier) on behalf of my daughter. He has replied stating that he has made a written representation to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.
I think Nissan are offering it on cars that are 8 years old, providing you buy a new British-built Nissan.
This should have been posted in the NAAFI so i could have really let rip!!

As i mentioned before its a CON!!

If you are looking at buying a new car, phone the garage twice...Offer a car for scrap and then without, see the difference..I would be Gob Smacked if there was anymore than £1000 difference.

If anyone gets a bigger difference please post on here!

Fuel prices!! Do not get me started on them!!!! :x
Why can't they extend this scheme to motorbikes as well. If as the greenies complain, my 13 year old bike creates the same kind of pollution that a 13 year old car does. I have my eye on a nice little Triumph Sprint ST and £1000 off the list price would be very welcome. At least I would be buying British and supporting British automobile manufacturers. Come on Alistair Darling - give a little back to those road users on two wheels! :D


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