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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by yorkie79, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Hello all

    Im looking at changing career this year and was wondering if anybody in arrse land works as the above and has got any tips, advice etc etc

  2. If you decide its for you, try your very best to go and work for one of the big PLC's - lookers, Sytner or Pendragon if you can, much better training than others, and more likely to take a punt on someone with a bit of flair rather than experience
    Downsides are long hours and can be quite frustrating and job still has a social standing similar to being a sex offender
    If you want to pm me any questions feel free
  3. You'll be working weekends and salaries tend to be lower than other sales positions
  4. Dont do it!! please find something else!
    Mind you its quite good for pulling birds if your ex forces! didnt sell many cars but had a great time trying!
    targets were too much and that little word in the office didnt go down well when i told the sales/finance manager he was a cock and i will not cold call people at home when they just bought a car from us 12 months ago!
    but on a plus side!! you get to drive new cars!l
    i worked for Ford,Fiat and Alfa romeo
  5. Thanks for the comments, to be honest Im unsure. I earn a decent salary now and the thought of going onto a basic which wont cover my bills etc is daunting to say the least, however I am aware that there is good money to be made.

    Suppose I will just have to go and see what they are like
  6. Second all above prospecting or cold calling sucks