Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Just put my car for sale in the local paper. Got a phone call out of the blue from a " finance company" saying someone had approached them for a loan because they were interested in buying the car. They would give this person the loan but to pass on my details I needed to register with them (£79) and "i'd get the money back when sales was completed."

    Well, call me cynical but.....

    To me it appears that it might be a con :D (careful wording, there) allegedly.

    The company is based in London (although they say they are "local to you") and they give their name as Autofield.
    Anyone else come across them or a similar scam ?
  2. Dear Sir,

    Yes indeed it is a con.
    My company however is based in the West Coast of Africa and can offer the same services to at £78.50.
    Please pass on your bank details to me and I in return will give you a first class service.
    Thank you

    Adebola Bolox
    Dumba Dumba
    Just above the other place
  3. Thank god for an honest businessman, hhb. Details are on their way together with a small retainer !

    These guys have a pretty website etc and make out they're putting buyers and sellars in touch....They give an address in Palmers Green. Anyone in the area want to have a look ?
  4. If it looks too good to be true....

    You could try getting their details and letting local Trading Standards know...
  5. It is a con, been on Watchdog many times. I advertised a motorbike earlier in the year and got similar thing, amazingly there were several people all who lived close to me wishing to by my bike - funny though as no one had rang me or been to look at said bike.....
  6. Yeh,Yeh! They get your dosh then say sorry the deal fell through. Can't have your money back, though, due to admin charges.
    FFS they'll try anything! :roll:
  7. Ah the reverse version of what they tried on with me then.

    Buyer emailed syaing that they wanted the car (hurrah) and that they had got a loan for the purchase price plus money for shipping/insurance/tax etc etc BUT as they don't have a bank account then they will send you the cheque for $loads. You are then to send them back by money transfer the excess and they will then come and collect the car.

    Good deal huh?!
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Offer to pay them 50% more than their fee, but only after the sale has completed.

    Funny old thing, they never accept your offer of an increase in money for a "dead cert".
  9. Any finance company should be registered with a consumer credit licence. There is no entry on the register for "Autofield". Get them to send you an email and send it to the trading Standards in your area.

    Don't give them a penny!
  10. Wow, thanks for the swift responses.

    Good job we're a bunch of cynical old buggers but I wonder how many more trusting people they've conned.

    Letter to the relevant Trading Standards, I think. Not that they've done anything illegal but if TS get enough complaints I think that they're obliged to do something.

    Perhaps we should have an A**SE blacklist of companies (with suitable safeguards to avoid libel/slander/defamation etc).
  11. Really bloody annoys me that there are twats like this in the world... I kind of forgive the Nigerians for having been dealt such a sh1t deck of cards at birth... but then again not. Luckily, these lot are relatively local so if they rip off your granny you can go round with a cricket bat.

    uuuuurm... if they were i
    Car has been advertised in local paper and their website for just over a week. I've now had six phone calls from different London phone numbers telling me that they have have a buyer "local to you" if I'd just register with them.

    This is obviously a huge industry I've never realised existed before. I'll ring people up who are advertising their old tat, charge them anything between fifty and eighty quid to register with me because I might know a local buyer and do...naff all. However, it would appear you do have to employ some sort of foreigner to read the script over the phone.

    Sorted. New career. Is there an NVQ in this?

    (Still haven't sold the car, though).
  13. I'm surprised their not charging £9.99, a lesser amount and more people might fall for it. Send off the cheque but when they receive it, they doctor it for £90.99 (easy done insert "ty" and a "0") and Robert is your Uncle.

    B@stards the lot of them!

  14. Brilliant idea. Do you want to come and work for me ?
  15. :x Now new price 75pounds cash Ali Barbar,himself :wink: :wink: