Car, repair to trade in or just bin it?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by mucus2, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. My car has decided to force my hand with regard to changing it. Basically, it looks like a brake pipe has gone for the rear drivers side.

    Now, seeing as I was thinking about getting rid of it, what are my options?

    Try to trade it as is, which is basically unroadworthy due to no brakes.

    Or get it mended and then get it traded?

    If it makes any differance, its a mint 51 plate Ford Puma with under 90000 miles on the clock.
  2. Fix it first.
  3. Not expensive or infact difficult to repair, is it a solid brake pipe or a flexible one?
  4. Not to sure what sort it is to be honest. Thankfully, I've got a Kwikfit place at the end of the road, so guess where I'm going tomorrow?
    Any idea's how much to replace? Ball park figures are good.
  5. A fortune if you go there. If you can live without the car a bit, go to a local private garage, you won't get ripped off, and you'll get better service.
  6. solid brakepipe im guessing bout 95 quid if ya goin Kwikfit
  7. Don`t go to Kwikfit, they`ll find something else to replace besides the pipe. Shouldn`t cost you more than an hours labour plus parts. A flexi pipe costs about 10-15 quid, if it`s a solid pipe they`l make it up on the spot and maybe charge you 5-10 quid for materials.
  8. If you are still in take it to your LAD. The G1098 has pipe flaring kit and the metal bender will have some pipe. Give any decent VM a slab of Stella and he'll do it in his dinner hour.

    Definitely get it fixed though
  9. however if its a flexible hose i can show u to a website where they are roughly £10 and easy to fit if you know which end of a spanner is which!
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    unbolt the pipe from the wheel bit. If it is solid, double the end up and crimp with some pliers. If it is flexi, double it up and tie up with a few cable ties. Flog the heap of shite to a mug punter and buy something else.
  11. Puma is a nice little car, easy to sell too. Agree with others: Fix it.

    Do not go to Kwik-Fit, they will tell you all brake pipes need replaced and probably say the discs & pads need changed too. One trick KF use is to needlessly partially dismantle brake systems to "inspect" them, then tell you it's not safe to put back together.

    Flexi is easy DIY job. If it's the steel pipe (most likely), any small garage can replace with copper pipe for about an hours labour.

    What TheIronDuke said will work and also make drive to garage safer for you.
  12. Thanks for all the replies.

    I did take it to Kwik Fit and they charged me the total of £49.50. Guess I most have dropped lucky with the centre in Bridgwater.