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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Un-Friendly-Fire, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Well with april fools day coming up and a certain mong who loves his car a bit too much im brain-storming for some car-related fun and who better to ask than the NAAFI folk Looking for some imaginative destructive and non-destructive ways to have fun with another persons motor-related pride and joy for sweet sweet revenge??

    Already come up with

    - Lifting the engine out of the car with a mini crane (alright a bit unrealistic)

    -Excretions in the "cold-air induction pipe" (boy racer)

    -Dog turds under the seat

    -Shite in the exhaust pipe

    -a tub of liquidised shite into the windscreen washer fluid container then dirty his windscreen slightly for nice surprise (shame he dont have soft-top)

    -Good ole Scouse' Tire stealing

    Any more?
  2. How about:

    Gravel in the hub-caps

    Swapping number-plates from front to back or mounting upside down

    Removing all light bulbs

    Filling tyres with water - a tad tricky!

    Swapping pugleads round

    Sealing wax in door locks

    Remove prop-shaft

    Cut brake pipes (OK a bit too far maybe)

    Hop these may help
  3. OR! wire his ignition to two contacts in the fuel tank he turns in the engine on and we have our april fools day!....

    yeah your right maybe a bit far. Dont stop me laughing at it though :lol:
  4. More!

    Rope or chain round back axle, secured to immovable object (a la 'American Graffiti)

    Jack and block car up just off ground so wheels spin

    Turn wheels round so they stick out more - maybe Boy Racer will like that?

    Paint entire car, wheels, tyres, body, windows, lights etc any colout that takes your fancy - once did this to a blokes mini - went mad!

    Fill spare-wheel well with concrete

    Replace windscreen wiper blades with emery cloth made to look like the originals

    Turn wipers on, switch off ignition with wipers over to wrong side, remove wiper arms and re-position in normal parked position
  5. Steal the rear numberplate, stick it over the one on your car, and drive repeatedly and at excess speed past a GATSO near his house.

    If you can get a car the same model as his to do it with, so much the better.

    Then kill all his family, including pets, and leave the dismembered bodies in his freezer.

    Then ring the Police and tell them he has a gun, an axe and a table teg.

    And he said one of their Police horses was gay.
  6. Waterproof car.

    Fill with water and tropical fish. :D
  7. Lift up car (assuming it's light enough or you can get enough people) and place it between a set of bollards such that he physically can't drive out.
    Variation on the theme, pick up, carry and hide around corner. Place kiddie's toy car where his car was.
  8. Burn it out HAHAHA
  9. If you truly want Revenge try superglue in all the locks.then sit back and watch
  10. dress up as a copper with fake beard;just like beadle
  11. Sugar in the fuel tank is also an excellent (if drastic) method.

    Replacing with kiddy toy car sounds about the best though.
  12. brake fluid on the paint job or silicone grease on the windows
  13. Superglue on the clutch and accelerator pedals?
  14. expanding foam up the exhaust pipe twat to find it and hours of endless amusement watching him trying to start his engine some dog sh1t placed on the inside of the handles is also quite funny :D
  15. If it's a cold, wet day, get him to collect a box of dry ice from a distant BOC depot. If he doesn't open the windows, he'll collapse from oxygen starvation.