Car Registration Number best way to sell? ( R8 EME )

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by TomB, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    Bought a car with off a very nice REME chappie a few years ago & part of the deal was keeping his "private" number plate on the car (he was emigrating & didnt need it anymore).

    Number plate is R? EME - You can see what he did there :)

    I'm just buying another car and in the process of changing over plates but not sure if I want / need to keep the plates myself (I'm ex Medic with no REME connection). Apparently the previous owner paid just under £800 for them (you guys get paid to much!).

    If I wanted to flog the Registration number whats the best way to go about this, there seems to be loads of companies offering to do it for me but there seems a lot of potential for getting scammed?

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. So that'll be a Vauxhall Zafira MPV in silver then?

    I'd remove that index number if I was you.
  3. get the registration number put on a retention certificate. Look at the DVLA web site to find out how to do this.
  4. It was indeed a beautiful silver brat bus although that will have a new Reg number in the next few days.

    Number is now on a retention certificate - just waiting for paperwork to return from DVLA.

    I've taken the number out leaving those dastardly villians a one in 10 chance of guessing it :)
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  5. 1 in 9; the odds are shrinking ^_~
  6. The number is sill visible in the title.
  7. CRP H4T? Worth a few quid?
  8. What country is that then?

  9. Damn, I'd better circle the wagons...............!!
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  10. Aye it's getting serious :)
  11. Dont tell him your registration number Pike. Its OK Captain, he knows that I am in REME.
  12. I've cut slits in the curtains & reminded the kids of their stand to positions & arcs of fire.

    Wifie is heating up a vat of oil.

    I've emailed Big Davie Koresh to ask for advice.

    Have I missed anything??
  13. Cant believe I've been such a twat!!

    I've just realised I've been driving around for years with the very same registration number displayed on my old motor (a Silver Zafira for those that dont know).


    Not only was it plainly visible from the front but also the back !!

    Stupidy, stupidy, stupidy, I'm the stupidest bunch of stupids in the history of stupiditiness.
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  14. Getting back to making a profit on the registration, Emcor has the NYSE symbol EME. You just need to find an over-paid hedonist in their organisation with the appropriate initials.

    You're wasting your time looking for somebody in REME to flog it to. They've got the ability to make their own...