Car recovery data protection of photos.

Long story short, car breaks down, recovery rock up and take photos front ,back, sides and engine compartment.
I pop in doors to answer phone etc, guy then says "i've knocked this thing here and got petrol sprayed on hand", (now know it was the fuel rail test value).
Given this was the area he was working in its been suggested he could have damaged it, i have no idea if he did or did not my motor skills end at first parade.
i made a complaint and asked for copies of the photos a quick look would tell me if he had.
The recovery firm now claim that he took the engine photo on his own phone and the others on his work phone, and are not available.
Fishy i think, and what if it had been a female motorist would it have been acceptable for him to be taking details and images on his own phone,
Anyone any idea of data protection in this case.
Thanks in advance, its £250- 300 to fix.

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