Car Rammed into Glasgow Airport Terminal Building

Car has entered terminal building at departures entrance, conflicting reports that vehicle is land rover or jeep cheorkee, then set on fire, two occupants one emerged on fire and was put out by police with fire extinguisher, second occupant stuggled with police, emerging reports of injuries

Immediate reports that all irn bru is safe
DesktopCommando said:
On sky News is ;

two asian men taken away by the police, one of the men was on fire
Ah, I see Strathclyde Police are still using the old "You do not have to say anything...spark..whooosh.." tactic. Damned effective.
mate in edinburgh has text to say 11 RLC eod deployed about 1 hr ago
Well i suppose this puts to bed whether any irish connection is involved with this and london as there is no way in their right mind they would ever bomb any part of scotland especially glasgow!
four people arrested according to sky.
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