car radio code

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by AJ-W, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. battery died on my car and now my radio is asking for its code, looked through all my car manual etc and nothing in there just wondering if theres any way of getting it without having to go to the dealer and paying out my arrse for a 4 digit number.


    thanks in advance.
  2. ebay - cost me a fiver to sort out a scenic
  3. What make of car?
    The last two cars I've had to get a radio code for (Citroen and Land Rover) the dealers where very helpful.
    For the Land Rover I just rang the last main dealer in the service history and they had the code on the computer. Citroen I had to pop in to the dealer but in both cases it was free.
  4. Should've thought of that before you nicked it :)
  5. Yes just speak with the dealer and it should be sorted free of charge (as long as your not a Scouser) with proof that you own the car.
  6. Your main dealer should be able to help you out, just show them proof of ownership, it might cost you a tenner though.

    Or take the radio out, sometimes the code is written on the body of the radio.

    Or do what I did & wait for about 4 years until your car has a problem that necessitates a garage visit where they need to disconnect the battery. Hey presto! When you pick it up, the radio should be working as the garage will re-enter the code anyway.
  7. no scouser here a thorough bred donny lad here, i think a quick call to the dealer tomorrow i think see what they say. cheers everyone for speedy replys

  8. Have a look in your servicing books it might be in there as a sticker attached to the book or loose in a folder in your glove box. Also if you have access to the stereo sometimes it is a sticker on the unit!!

    failing that if you have the PDI form it should be on that
  9. Urban Myth Alert - anyone else remember this?

    Leave the car battery in a freezer for 24 hours, wait for it to thaw out and the code will have reset to 0000.
  10. not the battery, the radio.
    Used to work on some early ford digi radio's but not on newer stuff
  11. Oh that was the one, sorry. No idea why I typed battery.