Car prices in the UK from the POV of my Sith Ifrican Woife

"A Vauxhall for £475, my darling!" "An Astra for "fifty fave quid"? "What means this O.N.O?"

Why is it possible that a seemingly well educated woman, a medical professinal , a player of one's own pink oboe and a lassies new to the UK would see a £45 motor as a bargain?

Also, our small types are monikered Andre and Corlia so I'm bagging them as Andrew and Cordelia. Bloody bumf nightmare - and no one's heard of Evelyn Waugh.


Now have to take sprogs to Changing of the Guard to see smart types tick-tock.

Am already on the Carly Export to alleviate last night's efforts.

Good effort spotting that was pissed, though!


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