Car Parking at JSCSC for ICSC(L) Students.

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Sky-Monkey, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. This is the text of an email sent by a Security goon to the COS ICSC(L). I kid you not:


    On Friday I clamped one of your student's cars that was parked on the side of the road in the Eastern car park with a DCMT car pass. He was polite and had the usual excuse that he was unaware of any parking restrictions.

    One month into your course and we seen to have either a group of incompetents or officers with scant regard for the rules of life. Whilst I am the first to acknowledge that a Major is likely to be rather proud of his promotion, has made a successful career thus far and is a "somebody" on his Regiment, I regret that in the Def Ac they are rather more numerous and not at the top of the pecking order.

    A number of SO1s and OF5s that are being inconvenienced by students' parking antics in the East and West car parks have either spoken with me or sent emails of complaint. I grow tired of explaining that the students have been briefed and should know where they can park.

    In future I will start removing car passes and if officers ignore this, will seek to have their cars banned from the campus. Only officers who are affiliated to the JSCSC can use the Eastern car park. (For those who don't know, that is the one adjacent to the astro-turf and tennis courts). None of your students can park in the Western car park. (The one that they walk through to get to the ICSC(L), next to the cricket pitch). All are very welcome to use the old paddock car park, over the road from the Western car park and adjacent to the new Library. The additional distance to walk to the JSCSC building is about 100yds which for Army types is barely enough to warm-up.

    Please would you or the RSM rebrief the team?

    Many thanks,

    What a tw@t.
  2. What a complete tosser. He deserves a good sacking. A fine example of tail wagging dog.
  3. Apparently Cdr RN?
  4. Very hands on then if he is clamping cars himself!

    I will be unimpressed if the picture of the 'security goon' makes its way onto this part of the site...

    ...keep it in ICSC(L) where it belongs! :D
  6. Am I allowed to call the goon a "WOFTAM" - what's the capitation rate for a Cdr RN these days?
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I can see any Troop/Platoon Commander getting ragged to bits if he parked in the Regimental 2ICs car parking space - so what's the difference here?

    Car parking on just about any Training Establishment is jealously guarded by the people who are employed there, as opposed to the tourists.
  8. Fair point but nobody parked in his spot. What has got people's backs up is his tone, approach and general sarcasm. Not necessary.
  9. There is a completely unsubstantiated rumour that person in question is FTRS.
  10. Rugby at all time low? You mean the ICSC(L) Owls team that won the Minor Units cup last year? Now that is an all time low - or is it?
  11. I used to have a paintball gun in my office, which overlooked my parking space. If anyone parked in my space they would return to their car to find it covered in paintball splats.
  12. There is also a completely accurate and fully substantiated rumour that he is! :D
  13. As a point of clarification, he had not taken said goons parking place, he had parked on the side of the road as there were no spaces left.

    He was showing car pass but that was not sufficient and so the WAFU struck.

    Needless to say, this has caused much merriment / mirth and general discussion in the ICSC(L) forum.