Car ownership in the US

Discussion in 'Travel' started by trombone84, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. I'm planning a trip to the states; a kind of fly drive thing but instead of hiring the car, I'm thinking that buying a cheap one in Boston and selling it in LA would be better. Can anyone see any difficulites in this? Does one have to be a US citizen to own a car there? What kind of licence is required and is age a possible barrier (i'm 23)?

    Cheers guys.
  2. I don't know if it is possible to drive from one side of the US to the other and sell the car as each state has different rules. Try looking on the DMV websites for the areas you are interested in buying and selling a car. Insurance wise try emailing - - as they specialise in Brit Mil in the US insurance so maybe able to help.
  3. Have a look on this site, it may help answer a lot of your questions. I did a similar thing in Oz recently, bought a Ford Fairlane for £1000 , paid about £60 to join the RACV and as the registration fee includes basic insurance left it at that. I spent 3 months driving around Oz , did about 16,000 miles and at the end of the trip still had a car to sell. In fact I gave it to my brother, Had I rented and done that mileage I would have probably paid £2500.
  4. Its probably easier to do a full circuit like I did, I hired a california plated car drove from San Francisco ,LA, las Vegas onto Washington then thru Philly to Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton , Vancouver back to San Francisco in 4 weeks.
    all this cost me roughly £350 to hire, the longer you hire the cheaper the per day rate is, its much less hassle to do so as you don't have one way charge and you can see more as well not needing to sell the car, the car will be less than 24 months old and in good condition reducing breakdowns and support office network all over the Continent if you need to swap the car if it has any problems.

    how long are you planning to go there for ?

    I recommend a TomTom 910 with USA and Canada Map, its a time saver. and you can use back in the UK as it has European map from Ireland UK to Moscow, Kiev.

    your age is one thing to consider, some will only hire above 25 others over 21.
  5. It would depend if you were ever thinking of returning.
  6. on another thought have you thought of shipping your own car over ? letting your insurers know that you are going to USA and Canada.

    I know some peope who shipped their Harley Davidsons over to the US and rode around on a British plate and then shipping it back, it does depend on how long you are going to be in the States to make it worthwhile.
  7. Rent one - it'll be cheaper and you wont have the hassle of selling at the end of your trip. Rent a car at BOS drop it off at LAX easy as that!
  8. you would end with a one way charge, whic is easily half to equal to the rental cost.

    there is however another option, You can drive other peoples cars to the other side of USA, if they are flying to their new job know as "Drive aways"