Car - murder weapon of choice.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. four-and-a-half years in youth detention
  2. She was given a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years
  3. And your solution is .... ?
  4. Death by dangerous driving should be scrapped and the charge should be manslaughter.

    Assuming of course that it's not deliberate. That's obviously murder.
  5. Mould was jailed for 21 months and banned for driving for three years at Lincoln Crown Court.
  6. Death by dangerous driving and its derivitaves was brought in because juries would not convict motorists of manslaughter.
    For at least two decades it has been clear to traffic policemen that the best way to kill someone was by motor car. Everyone, including the CID, regatds accidents as ...well accidents. I know they are now called collisions but unless they are intentional, they are accidents.
  7. I was actually hoping for some advice on staging a car crash - her indoors is doing my ****ing nut in. And she's insured.

    Worst case out come is 2 yrs bird, in en-suite room with sky, play station & free gym membership....
  9. Fair advice, but there's no 'sport' in it.

    Example in post #2 is my fav - i want to go out and hunt the bitch!

    If i had kids i'd even take them along for the ride - so they know what happens when someone leaves Daddy's tools out in the rain.

  10. I once witnessed a accident where a bloke was hit while he crossed the road. About the 2nd or 3rd question out of the traffic coppers moutth was "Do you think he was hit intentionally?".

    I was surprised at the time to hear such a question, but as time goes on, you see more and more reasons why.

    Sad I tell you that burgalry seems to have a greater sentence than killing someone. In this case one should be upped, not the other lowered.
  11. There was a Bill at the end of last parliment to up max Dangerous Driving sentence to 14yrs. Unfortunately they 'ran out of time'.

    Hence why the killer of 24 year old Afgan veteran L/Cpl Stephanie-Claire Armsby will be out in 12 mths - 21 mth sentence.

    Internet warriors who set up facebook riot pages (no riot occured)- 4 yrs sentence.
  12. The reason being that 1 death to the political machine is unfortunate but incitement to riot has them worried because it could affect them directly or escalate to destablise the state. It's why an Englishman's right to carry a weapon was recinded in the early part of the 20th century by parliament ............... Anarchy and the rise of communism put fear into the establishment. The political elite have and always will, look to their own first and the wellbeing of the country second. Cynical view I know but .............
  13. Yep. The plebs running each other down, who gives a ****.

    The plebs organizing themselves and attacking the establishment (a romantic view of the thieving scrotes) and it's all stops out.

    Once again - creating a facebook group, 48month prison sentence. Mounting the curb, running over & killing your partner after an arguement, 9mths. Suspended.
  14. What, and waste money that could otherwise be spent in vital areas like consultant fees and moat-cleaning?