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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Excognito, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Volvo V70 R AWD, 'intelligent' automatic gearbox, has started jolting when changing gear and will pull forward when starting the car (in Park). Any non-NAAFI ideas as to what could be the cause and where to start looking for things that might have gone wrong?

  2. It's fcuked. Deffo.
  3. Have a look at the transmission fluid, it should be a nice pink colour. If it's not change it.
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  4. Any help? Transmission Slipping Signs
  5. I know it's a bit radical, but have you considered enquiring down at your local Volvo dealership?
  6. Kerching that'll be £1000 thank you very much.
  7. And that's just for booking it in!

    My car has an 'intelligent' gear box too...

    When the revs get just right, I dip the clutch and hange the gear.
  8. If it was a merc I'd say the torque converter is bollixed! might even be so on yours, as already said check fluid isn't contaminated. anything other than fluid level with a auto box is beyond the means of a home mechanic...but you know that?
    so its kerching...not much help I know.
    get your fault codes read.

  9. Awww bless, look everybody it's one of those types who uses main dealers! Stop ******* sniggering in the back!
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  10. I'd not have another manual now the automatics are so good these days.
  11. Rather depends on your approach, doesn't it? If you take the time to ask the people who deal with these issues on a daily basis, you might discover if its an easy back-street garage fix before they prize-open your wallet at the dealer. Or, I suppose, you could take a punt with your mate the Grease Monkey.

  12. In all honesty a back st garage with a good reputation is worth any amout you'll pay at a main dealer, chances are they'll have done their apprenticeships in a main dealer anyway.
  13. Yup it's true, word of mouth or a chat to a friendly trading standards person should see you pointed in the right direction.
    I think MB dealer wanted to charge me just short of £300 to change a damaged rear light cluster. At local parts shop it was about £40 and the same brand. The labour charge for removing and replacing four nuts was I think just over £100. It took me about ten minutes.
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  14. Indeed, my best mate was a Mercedes Benz mechanic even he was appalled at what they charged.
  15. But is your mate the mechanic going to be fully up-to-speed (see what I did there) on recalls? Personally, I'm happy to do a bit of low-level maint myself, and use a family-owned garage for the other stuff. I wonder, is it too difficult to expect the OP to ask a question at the dealership?