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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Conor123, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Please dont laugh or insult me because to some it will be a pretty obvious question, but when i join the RLC as a Driver will i get my car licence because ive only been told i will be getting my LGV licence.
  2. yes you need to do your B classification first before doing C, its not just trucks you'll drive we have Landrovers too
  3. Thanks mate, yeh i forgot about that they have the Section Commander or Platoon Leader at the front of the convoy in the Land Rover, and thanks for not insulting me or being sarcastic like most the people on here.
  4. Just to clarify for any other readers with similar questions, you have to take your "car" licence before you can take your "truck" licence anyway so you cant have the LGV without getting the car licence. It has sod all to do with the Army also using Landrovers although you will also be trained to drive them.
  5. Things have changed then, because when I did mine at Leconsfield many moons ago it was the "Yellow Perils" then after passing the test we had a days driving the Black issue white fleet cars.
  6. Yes but I'm sure if you recall correctly, you would have done your car (B) cat before going to Leconfield. The white fleet driving is only a familiarisation
  7. Nope back in the early 90's it was straight onto the trucks.
    No previous licence or experience. All long before the days of BSM cars littered everywhere!
  8. You could do duel licence training then you had the big HGV L plate and the small car one on the HGV 3 training vehicles.
  9. Things must have changed a hell of a lot.

    Passed my HGV3 in June 1976 aged 18 in Bordon. Have never sat a car driving test( never sat my arrse in the driving seat of a car before that). Go it automatically on passing HGV3.Then did tracked vehicle licence which was H.

    Mind you back then it was 2 separate licences, HGV & Car, but you had to have both provisional licences to do HGV training.
  10. You have to do a seperate test now for D1, even though you have an HGV licence, which includes theory and hazard perception :x
  11. Was the same in 1996. Straight into the HGV. Pass that and you automatically got your car licence. It may not be the same now though?
  12. That was the case when i did leccy in 1981. I delight in telling people I have never passed a car test (old Gp A). Usually when I'm driving the police carrier. I still enjoy seeing the worried looks from the bobbies in the back....
  13. The law changed. I dont remember when, so that now you have to take the tests in a stepped approach. car first then truck. If you think about it it is quite logical. We do, however, have an exemption to the age limits for HGV.
  14. I passed my test at Bovy before the HGV came in so on the day we were just given the new HGV license, no test as we had all been driving 4tonners for ages
  15. The age limit is also being reduced to 17 or 18 for C+E for civilians now. Scary perhaps, but then we do have hundreds of foreign drivers on the roads who don't care for drivers hours etc