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Car Leasing

About to start a new job for which I get a car alowance. Where the heck do you start? Any one any advice? The biggest querry I have is over tax. How is it calculated and when does it start getting expensive? Have you had any good cars? Am looking at Skoda Octavias or a Mondeo, any recomendations?
Your Company will issue a P1d which lists the value of benfits in kind, vehicles fall into this.

Usually it's about 3k a year over 4/5 years, dependent on lease contracts.

If you need an engineers type car Peugeot 406 SW is very comfortable :wink:
Cheers gents, need to try to get a car which isn't going to cost me anything extra. Tax is looking like the killer at the mo but will have to wait and see! £5.5k before tax is suddenly not looking like alot of money!

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