Car keying "artist"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by A_team_lewis, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Artist vandalises cars with key

    I just wish that the 50 owners of those cars would be at his exhibition.

    Do "Freedom of expression" and "art" mean nothing is now sacred?
  2. I find the discolouration of black eyes have much to say on the Art of the New as my next exhibition will show.
  3. What a TW@


    if he came rolling past me i think i would kick him
  4. i.e. it's better than getting a real job, just ask Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin.

    *whistling Money for Nothing by Dire Straights as he types*
  5. OK, I'm a student and I would kick him. If he came anywhere near my car, I'd turn his face into a piece of art. How is rolling a nut up a street with his nose 'highlighting the financial plight of students'? Insert something about freedom of expression here. And here.
  6. Was prob him who did our street last year.... needs a beasting then a kicking, then a beasting, then a kicking.........................
  7. I've just been over to the amnesty international sight to look up there top 10 favorite tortures
    got some bleach
    anyone got some jump leads?
    time for a bit of performance art :twisted:
    sponsered by an insurance company :eek:
  8. So, can we gather that this is now 'art'? In that case, Newcastle is full of 'artists'.

    What next? A lottery grant? A baseball capped chav feckwit in an XR2i sat in the HiFi section of Dixons claiming to the coppers 'it aint ram raiding, its art!'. Ah, ok sonny, off you go then............go collect your Turner Prize...
  9. the scottish art council said he's more likely to be nicked than get a grant.
    now thats weird sensible reaction from the arts council
  10. The chav could then become the next nouveau "installation" - installed at Her Majesty's pleasure that is...The police could then spend the turner Prize money on supplying a few coppers on the pigging street!
  11. I bought a brand spanking new Golf GTI a few years back. I had the temerity to park it outside my quarter in Aldershot without informing the local chav population first. Imagine my joy the next morning when I discovered a St George's cross carved into the bonnet. If only I had known that it was not mindless vandalism but "modern fukcing art"

    If said artist requires a good depiction of art I would quite willingly turn his swede into a Picasso - with the aid of a high velocity round.

    TW*T :evil:
  12. So you just happend to find 50 cars that were already keyyed did you then you knobber!!

    And you are not completely 'insane'

    What an idiot, and the tax payer funds this pillock!!
    Should be made to swim the atlantic, whilst carrying 400lb of lead, and no air!!
  13. Nothing a wooly sock filled with pound coins wouldn't fix.

    "He's a useless sh1te, that boy. Punish him for me Errol."