Car Karaoke

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Boll.ocks to drink driving, f.uck talking on mobiles the biggest danger to motorists is Car Karaoke :D

    There's nothing better than belting out the words to your favourite tune, although i have made a vow never to read the lyrics printed on the inlay of the CD cover.....

    There is nothing worse than realising the line you had been signing for years, those words that struck a sentimental chord, that meant something deep to you...... were in fact wrong!! :D

    Example: REMs Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight.... for years I'd been belting out "Call me Chad Baker... Call me Chad Baaaakeeeer..." Never once questioning who the hell Chad Baker was or why Mr Stipe was insisting we all called him it.... :D my disappointment/slight embarrassment i found out the other day the actual lyrics were "Go try and waker her..." (or words to that affect) the song just doesn't sound the same! :?

    Anyway driving out of the city tonight i got caught in the expected rush hour traffic... Remembering the old cliche about prior planning prevents piss poor performance i always have a healthy stash of CDs...(For some reason Natasha Bedingfields album had slipped into it some how :oops: )

    There i was sat still in two lanes of traffic South bound on the A1, as her new single kicked in (I Bruise Easily)....

    I could feel the tingle of Car Karaoke in my toes..... my eyes closed as i heard Mathew Kelly whispering "who are you going to be tonight Cait?"....
    I took my hand off the steering wheel and held it to my mouth as though singing into a microphone..... "I bruise easily...." cue shake of the hair and pointing to recent bruise on arm.... "like a love heart carved on a tree".... cue cupping of hands in heart shape... I was in the zone, feeling the emotion.. at one with Natasha...

    As the song reached fade i opened my eyes to be greeted by 3 grinning goons in a white van, laughing at my efforts.. i wanted to adopt the foetal position in the foot well!!!!!

    Car Karaoke.... its a dangerous phenomenon, i cant be the only one affected??
  2. I can often be found on the A32 out of Gosport singing to Cliff Richard or that other great singer, Des O'connor
  3. Car karaoke is indeed a form of embarrasment.

    In my velocopeed I have a variety of tunes in my CD changer from the same Natasha bedingfield (Wild horses gives me a boner) to Meat loaf hits out of hell....

    If I venture onto the Motorway its not unlike me to turn the volume up full and join in with Uncle meat and get that carried away I break into a sweat.

    More than once I've come off at a junction still belting out 500 Decibles, stopped at lights, hammering the wheel like Roger Taylor, eyes semi open and with true heart and feeling pouring out 'Like a sinner before the gates of heaven I'll come crawling on back to you' Only to peer over my right shoulder to see a clio full of fit totty laughing like fcuk at me.
  4. i saw a bloke on a bmw bike with a loud stereo singing along to some chuntering blackman's music, clapping his hands and looking a real tool. How overjoyed i was when the prick went past a large group of totty and stacked it just as he had started clapping his hands!
    nobber got arrested for driving without due care and attention.... i wonder who called them?

    fnaaar fnaaar
  5. Ah steering wheel bongo's. The safe alternative to the air Guitar :oops:

    Many a time i've been caught on a summers afternoon, in a traffic jam (M6 Junction 8) window wound down giving it my best Paul Rodgers to a bit of All right now (including drum solo). Has anyone ever witnessed the multi car karaoke though.

    This usually takes place about 6pm if you get a few radio 2 listeners in the same traffic jam. Johnny Walker sticks his cruisin' tunes on and the next thing you know is yourself, the trucker next to you from sheffield and the 2 buisness men from warrington in the ford mondeo in the outside lane have just formed a Dire Straits tribute act.
  6. Most of my speeding tickets have been the fault of Meat loaf, Queen, Dire straights etc...

    Funny the cnuts never appear in court or offer to pay the fines.

    As a kid my old man was a John Denver fan and i think the most embarrasing car karaoke incident was being caught singing 'Country roads' with the window wound down exiting a car park in Manchester.... the words had been imprinted in my mind due to the old fella listening to it.

    Has anyone ever pulled as a result of vehicular showmanship?

    I personally never have, infact quite the opposite, I reckon I have repelled and repulsed more than Ive impressed as I sing like an emu with a Frisbee lodged in its throat :D
  7. oh deary me, many a bus driver has been caught pishing himself laughing at me belting out some 80s mince thats just come on the radio

    and cait, your REM song??

    for many years i thought that particular line was "comin in cheryl baker!"

    dunno whats worse, your version or mine
  8. I always thought it was "come in and try wake her,er"

    I would hate to know what it really is.
  9. Dean Martin & Perry Como all the way here mate ;)

    Oh, and maybe a bit of Jim Reeves...
    :oops: :oops: :oops:
  10. RTFQ


    A few moons ago, someone in charge of stuff decided to give me a couple of vans with blue lights and (much, much better) a PA system for telling old biddies to get out of the way. My favourite tunes were TNT by AC/DC and the theme from dangermouse that may or may not have been piped out through the PA system for joe public to enjoy.

    In civvy land I sometimes sing so much during long journeys that I lose my voice before I get to my destination (No Duff). Off the top of my head here are RTFQ's "Songs to catch Laryngitis By" (released on Polydor):

    Dalston - Razorlight
    Long way to the Top (if you wanna rock and roll) -AC/DC
    Run to the hills - Iron Maiden
    Mandy - Barry Manilow

    I am the Highway - Audioslave - the single greatest Car Karaoke song known to man. Chorus starts: "I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway" Very apt when sat in traffic on the M25 with it on max volume, windows down, zippo lit in your hand and sticking out the sun roof, the kids in the MPV next to you returning your rock salute and rock and roll tears streaming down your face. I sometimes think I'm my own MTV movie.