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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Boozy, May 21, 2011.

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  1. I've just taken possession of a cracking little ford fiesta. One previous lady owner who only drove it once a week to town, so it is pretty immaculate and has very low mileage for an 8 year old motor. I've always in the past considered fiestas to be grannymobiles, however having taken this out for a run or two now I am very impressed with it's pull and acceleration, it's sharp and nippy just the way I like my cars.

    Now though, I want to accesorise the inside a bit just to freshen it up, rid it of the minor marks of being owned by an old person (minor yellow stain on the passenger seat and part of the steering wheel grip is worn away where the old lady has clearly gripped on for dear life)

    But! I am aware that there is a fine line between 'freshening up' my car and "chavving my ride". I definitely do not want the latter.

    My dad seems to be dead set against me buying any steering wheel covers or seat covers saying they "make a car look cheaper"

    Opinions please, can a car ever be accesorised in a tasteful way?

    I am trying to find things which if they do contain colour, match the exterior colour and am avoiding teddy bears, dice and nodding dogs like the ******* plague!
  2. Get rid of the fiesta and buy a real car.
  3. I'm a woman, I don't care about "real" cars...just as long as it gets me from A to B I'm happy!!!
  4. Your dad is right!

    Shampoo the seats,give it a good clean, maybe a bit of Tcut and polish and keep it tidy inside!
  5. Oh, for some reason I thought you were a bloke. So, how are you doing? ;)

    Personally, I would not put any furry dice, seat or steering wheel covers on. You could put one of those massage seat covers in your car. As you are a wench, you could always have one of those flower sticker on the back of your car.
  6. A flower sticker? Tbh whenever I see cars with stickers that say "Baby on board" "Babe on board"or "Powered by fairydust" I always just instantly think "you're a silly twat!"

    So how do I fix the steering wheel grip then? It's more than one layer that has been worn away at the 'ten past twelve' position.
  7. Has the wheel got any controls on it? Radio, cruise control etc?

    If not (and it is really crappy) ring round the local scrap yards and get a replacement wheel in good nick.Should be fairly easy with a Fiesta and get the new wheel fitted.

    I would be tempted to leave it though.
  8. Probably best to get someone who knows what they're doing to change the steering wheel - an '03 Fester will almost certainly have an airbag, which would spoil your day if it went off accidentally.

    Agree with your dad though - seat/steering wheel covers just make it look as though you're covering something up.
  9. No controls (that I'm aware of, I'm still finding buttons and things roundabout the car) ...

    It doesn't look terrible but it doesn't look great either. I might just end up buying a plain black steering wheel cover as the difference in texture annoys and niggles a little and I'm notoriously fussy/ocd with having things 'just right' ( I can't drive unless the seat is at the correct distance and angle and all the mirrors are precisely angled)

    Just on the massage car seat cover thing... that's those seats which are beaded aren't they? they are a bit old school nay? not been in a car with those in since 1994 being driven home by my grandparents!
  10. Find out what mark of Fiesta it is, then find your local scrap yard. You never know there may a written off ghia/glx version. The wiring tends to be standardised in cars so even if the buttons are blanked out on the dash in yours, the wires exist and just arnt plugged in. This goes for electric seats too. It depends how far you wanted to go. Be careful though. If you bodge it you'll take re sale value off the motor!
  11. Ring round the scrap yards and find out the cost versus those of the plain cover (which will probably look ok anyway).
  12. ok thanks guys I will have a look and see what I can find

    it's an lx whatever that means:?
  13. Go on - you know you want to.............

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  14. my...eyes...dear...god...nooooo

    The sad thing is I have a girly girl mate who would ******* love that and would think it was the coolest thing ever!
  15. No not those, was thinking of the modern style, with a heater in it.....although that the heat may make the wee smell more

    [​IMG]Heated Massaging Car Seat Free Delivery : Maplin

    I would also say get yourself a new steering wheel.