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Car interior stain removal

I have some dried in blood stains on my car seat.

Does anyone have any top tips for removing them?

I have tried a search, but there is nothing conclusive about removing blood.
Fizzy mineral water and shampoo. Scrub (I assume you will have help here) and repeat.

Works with almost all stains on all fabrics. Not on leather though.
Burning the car is the only certain way to get rid of the DNA evidence. Arrange for the car to be stolen and set on fire by some local chavs/pikeys. Claim from your insurance.


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I'll ask Mrs BA later. She managed to remove red wine stains from the interior of the BA run-around after an unfortunate projectile vomiting incident.


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dried in blood stains on my car seat.
Dried blood does not stain clothing unless you wet yourself. And if you are sitting on wet blood stains, staining your trousers may be the least of your worries.

Personally, I find Polak car valet chaps can get rid of most stains and if they cannot, garages sell petrol, you know?

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