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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jepprob87, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. i'm doing a recruit cadre with the TA finished school to day so this is kinda all i'm doing well for the next few months to a year any way. technicaly i'm not unemployed but no longer a student dont wana piss off the insurence people to much any ideas what i'd put as my proffession on the forms?
  2. English professor?
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    unemployed :?
  4. no none of the a levels were english moving away from that point...
  5. Illiterate. They'll offer you a commission, honestly...
  6. Until you've actually finished school (and this is not the date of your last exam - check with your school for the actual date), you enter student on any forms. After that date, assuming that you haven't begun a job, enter unemployed.

    Don't put TA as an occupation. It can be a secondary occupation, but not a primary one. So, where it says "Occupation" respond "Unemployed." Where it says "Any other employment?" then you put "TA." But spell it in full as we're the secret Army and nobody knows about us.

    For me it was a major pi$$-off in 1981, having just left college. Even though I was working every day at the TAC, I was obliged to sign on each Monday to inform the dole office of the days that I'd been working so that they could correctly calculate that I wasn't entitled to anything. Those who didn't have "any other employment" just had to post a form in every 6 weeks (and could get on with their on-the-side job without interruption and still be paid dole).
  7. Is it possible to sign on then? If the TA is your only occupation?
  8. Do you expect me to read, decipher and understand that illiterate bollocks and then trouble myself with giving you advice you lazy kunt?
  9. TA can't be your only occupation - occasional employment, remember. It can be your second occupation, even if your first is unemployed.

    Makes sense, doesn't it?

    When you sign on, you have to give details of how much you have worked since you last signed (or whatever the procedure is these days), to determine how much benefit gets stopped. I suppose the downside (or is it?) is that by registering unemployed, you leave yourself open to whatever courses and schemes have been dreamt up to massage the unemployment figures.