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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Joker, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. I have recently received a quote for car insurance from the NAAFI. Gob smacked would be a polite term. When most other companies are quoting me around GBP700 mark, NAAFI quoted me GBP2347.00. Why is it so expensive and have others experienced this?


  2. As far as I know, NAAFI Financial Car Insurance is underwritten by Norwich Union, whose current advertising is that they'll 'quote you happy'. In your case they clearly think you'll be fecking ecstatic!
  3. i have a little understanding of how this works , as i am employed in a accident repair centre for an insurance company (ooooooooh yes...)
    don't go through a broker , the always put their Cut on top , go for one of the direct insurers , 90% of insurance quotes in this country are underwritten by about 2 companies , norwich union and royal bank of scotland, all the rest are "front" companies , shop around and vote with your wallet , but remember , cheapest isn't always best , look at what they offer aswell as cover , free courtesy car in case of accident etc etc.what the f*ck are you trying to insure , an F-16 ??
  4. There are 2 I would recommend:

    Churchill - or
    Co-op Insurance -

    I got a quote from them this morning and they were both excellent
  5. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

  6. underwritten by direct line/churchills. :roll:
  7. I had a shocking quote from naafi in germany for over 700 quid for a clapped out old hyundai. Axa went on to quote me under 300.

    As i understand it, naafi use a system based on age and drivng experience. This bumps the price up. The deal was for all intent and purpose the same with naafi as axa, courtasy car etc just a fifty quid higher exess.

    What ever the reason, god knows how they can justify a 400 quid difference. Are they expecting me to spend my hard earned out of some sort of loyalty?

    Like a previous poster said, vote with your wallet and get the best deal. Personally, i've used direct line when in UK and they have always been brilliant.

  8. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You seem to know what you're talking about but how come it was cheaper than either Churchills or Direct Line who I also rang?
  9. they do different products for different "niche" markets , priveledge are also an RBS insurer , as are churchills and direct line , but they keep the different retail faces to appeal to different sectons of the public , i'm not directly involved with the insurance side of things , we just repair the cars , but you get a bit of an inside track on whats what.

    in my opinion churchills arent the cheapest , but if a customer wants them to eat sh*t they will happily oblidge with a smiley face and probably offer them compensation to boot.!!!! 8O
  10. has worked well for me over the last couple of years. It's a 'search bot', so you enter your details once and it goes off and searches for quotes from a couple dozen companies.
  11. Thanks to all of you for your advice and posts. Although I took note of the comment from a previous poster about not going through brokers, which was in line with what I have always thought, I tried one.

    They have quoted me around the GBP700 region over a twelve month period. I was warned off by another "specialist firm" to avoid Admiral 10 month bonus accelerator. Apparently not many other insurance firms accept these 10 months as a bonefide year. For those in the know is this true or just a way of beating a previously unbeatable quote?

    Also, does the fact that we are in HM Forces affect a premium adversely?

  12. I've found Admiral to be consistently good and cheap but then as a girl I get lower premiums because we are better drivers... ahem. Their customer care is excellent (although I have not tested their claims department). Car insurance brokers are scandalously bad - they manage to get away with it because so many people are lazy and just renew through them each year.

    I will find out whether car insurance premiums are loaded for forces personnel and get back to you.

    In the meantime........

    What your insurer doesn't want you to know

    The insurance market is bigger and busier than ever. More companies mean more competition for your business. But not everything you need to know about your car insurance is included in the glossy advertisements. Here are some of the secrets your car insurer may not share with you:

    You are a 'valued customer'.
    This is not just about your insurer getting warm and cosy with you. Stay with the same firm for a year or more and the chances are that you will be categorised as a valued customer and be eligible for a discount on your premium when it comes to renewal. The catch is that you may not automatically be offered the reduced price but somewhere in the renewal offer small print may be a phone number to call to see if you can claim a discount. Norwich Union is classic for this. Even if it's not there, you should call the company to ask if they can offer a better price based on your loyalty. If two cars in the same family are insured with the same provider, this might also attract a valued customer discount. Never be afraid to ask.

    Get a good deal at home or away
    They wont spell it out but most insurers will nearly always happily match the lower quote offered by rivals, particularly if it means you will stay with them and they value your custom. In the run up to renewal time, shop around for the lowest possible offer and then call your existing company's customer service department with details of the price they need to match. Be prepared for your insurer to ask for the name of the rival insurer and perhaps even proof of the quote, although they didn't last time I renewed. They can usually provide the discount straight away on the phone and re-issue your renwal quote.

    Beware unusual exclusions
    You may think you know about the standard exclusions of your car insurance but there could be a couple of surprises hidden in the small print. For instance, theft by deception is not usually covered. If you are selling your car, make sure you receive proper payment before parting with it. Your insurance policy will usually not cover your loss if your car is taken from you by deception. If you leave your keys in the car and it is stolen then most policies will not pay out, even in unusual circumstances such as car-jacking. Some insurers refuse to offer cover to car owners who have been victims of theft or attempted theft. So if some nasty little chav smashes a window to grab your CDs, you suddenly find yourself uninsurable. Sainsburys is particularly bad for this. If you are uncertain about what is and isn't covered, ask the company to spell it out.

    Look at the big picture
    Most car insurers offer all sorts of additional products. Unless you read everything carefully, you could end up with a heap of unwanted and expensive extras. These could include driver's legal protection, special windscreen policies, courtesy car provision and recovery service membership. Ask for them to be removed if you do not want them or are already covered. Don't feel obliged to sign up for extras.

    Know your limits
    Most policies cover you to drive other cars. But even if your cover is comprehensive, don't assume that this will stretch to vehicles other than your own car. The extended cover is most likely to be limited to third party only. Of course, this works both ways. If you allow someone else to drive your car, they will not be insured for any damage they cause to it. Contact your insurer in advance to bump up cover for a small fee. This can usually be done in one phone call. Some insurers let you add up to four additional named drivers for comprehensive cover on your car at no extra cost.

    Make the most of no claims
    Some insurers will offer big discounts to new customers with existing no claims bonuses to tempt them to switch companies. If you do find a better offer than your current insurer, ask them to match it. If they can't or you want to switch anyway, avoid changing companies halfway through the policy as it is only a full year which counts towards no-claims with most insurers.
  13. Have heard differing opinions, but Forces Direct always seemed to give a good deal. Underwritten by some civvy company but normally give good deals and often throw free kit insurance in as well. Sorry, don't have number, but they are in the Dicount Brochure.
  14. Hi I'm New here so Hello peeps..

    Nowt to do with the military side of things but is insurance related..

    I just tried to get her who must be obeyed put onto my insurence.. Was informed after going through all the rigmarole that this could not be done.. Why!! she has held a provisional licence for more than 3 years.. but.. BUT.. they were willing to insure her in her own right for a measley 248 quid.. ontop of the 500+ I pay now.

    Went to AA and got it sorted for 320 including the higher authority.

    All they are interested in is filling their coffers.

    Moss T
  15. Not all Brokers charge more - often they get a significant premium from the Insurer, therefore they are in a position to charge the customer less.
    Basically, in a lot of cases, the broker is paid by the insurer rather than the customer.