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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by MotorBrowser, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Get Car Insurance help and ask other users who they have found the cheapest?

    Post your experiences here good or bad!
  2. Can soneone offer advice as to how to insure prior to going to BFG my car.

    Story is:

    I am going to Germany Aug / Sep time and am only going to keep the current car for about 3 months before selling it. My UK insurer will give me up to 90 days European cover so that is ok but is that 90 day ticket sufficient to allow my car to be BFG'd?

    What are the BFG regulations concerning insurance?

    Also are there any other BFG poo traps I should know about (headlights aside)?

    Cheers in advance
  3. Hi there,

    Here's the official information on BFG registration extracted from the Army website.

    The BFG Car and Driver Licensing System

    On moving to Germany you will be subject to the car registration and licensing system of British Forces Germany (BFG).

    Car Registration

    Vehicle owners have 30 days to register their vehicle with the BFG Licensing Office after they arrive in BFG and persons who buy a car from a German source must have it BFG registered in their name (or spouses name) before they are allowed to drive it.

    Import Licence

    All vehicles must have a BFG form 80 Import Licence. This can be obtained by submitting BFG form 60 to Customs and Immigration. Form 60 is available through your local BFG Registration Office.

    Road Worthiness Test

    As in the UK, any vehicle over the age of three years must be tested for roadworthiness at a Testing Centre. This must be done before the vehicle can be registered with BFG. This test includes checking alignment of continental headlights, therefore these must be fitted prior to taking the vehicle for its test. If it passes you will he given a certificate of roadworthiness, much the same as a UK MOT although it must be stressed that a MOT certificate is not valid for BFG purposes.


    For BFG purposes certain UK companies are not willing to cover personnel living in Germany, therefore you will need to check with your BFG Clerk that your company is acceptable. To register your vehicle you may need to provide a green card. For German Insurance you must provide policy, proof of payment and double white card.

    How to register

    Once you have obtained your Road Worthiness pass certificate (if applicable) then take your insurance, BFG 80, ownership document (Log Book), driving licence and BFG Driving Permit (see section below) to the BFG Registration Office where you can complete a BFG form 20, application for registration.

    If your vehicle is under three years old, you do not have to have a Road Worthiness Test (RWT) but you do have to fit continental headlights which have to be tested by the RWT Test Centre. You will be given 30 days from your initial date of BFG registration to have this test done and if you do not comply within this time limit, the vehicle must not be driven.

    Licence Plates and Tax Discs

    Once you have obtained your BFG Licence plates and relevant documents please note that BFG Plates (both German and UK style), tax discs, and

    TUV and ASU Stickers, remain the property of the BFG Vehicle Licensing Office and are only on loan to you until such time as you either sell or de-register the vehicle.

    Driving Licences

    Except for a period of one calendar month from the date of arrival, persons are not to drive a private vehicle in Germany unless they possess a current BFG Driving Permit. To obtain a permit, a matrix test must be successfully taken and passed (serving personnel take this test through their MT department, dependants and civilian components through their BFG Office.) The only exception to this is a sponsored visitor who is in BFG for a period of not more than 28 days. If a dependant has a valid German Driving Licence then they do not have to take a Matrix test, but must take their licence along to the BFG Office and they will be issued with a BFG Driving Permit.

    Safety Equipment

    BFG registered vehicles (excluding caravans/trailers and two-wheeled vehicles):

    a. Must carry a First Aid Kit to specification DIN 13-1-64

    b. Must carry a Warning Triangle with the DIN approved symbol.

    It is also advisable to carry a 5 litre container of fuel, tow rope and a spare set of bulbs.


    All BFG vehicles are to carry the following documentation within the vehicle:

    a. Driving Licence and BFG Permit.

    b. BFG Form 73 (Vehicle Registration Card) Proof of Insurance.


    If you have any queries regarding BFG Rules and Regulations pertaining to licensing and registration you should contact your BFG Officer in the first instance. Alternatively it you still need advice you can ring the BFG Helpline on 02161 474100 (Civ) or Mgladbach Ext 4100.

    Hope this helps!

    For insurance you could try Forces Financial.
  4. Does the same apply to Northern Ireland?

    If not, do you have any details that can assist me on taking my car to Northern Ireland on posting please?

    Insurance on my Vauxhall Astra seems to be very steep at the moment, can anyone recommend a cheaper car insurance company that will insure cars registered with a BT postcode in the province?
  5. I use Endsleigh here in NI. Probably not the cheapest!
    Many mainland companies offer NI cover.
  6. You will find that as NI is park of the UK you are already covered to drive over there and also do not need to re-register your vehicle.

    This is also true in reverse if you buy a car out there you do not need to re-register here upon returning. That is why you will often see cars with the plate format AAA 1234.
  7. If you have something a bit special in the UK try Keith Micheals on 02082 880275 and ask for Gary. He's a busy bloke but keep at it.

    Alternatively I have had good service and quotes from A Plan on 08450 711234.
  8. my insurance said that because i going to germany to work i not covered so now i in a mess because i cant find an affordable quote!
  9. Miss Magoo

    You could also take a look here for a list of motor insurers who specialise in providing the Armed Forces with policies that take into account their unique circumstances.

    Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL
  10. Can anyone provide a list of the BFG approved insurers? It may be handy for this forum.
  11. any recommendations for the best companies to use as a young driver on their first car?
  12. We are with TF Insurance and they seem reasonabley priced.
    Someone recently got a quote from them which was half the cost of a local insurance company. Not sure about cost for young drivers though.
    Give them a ring for a quote on 0044 1509 283 868. Sure they will be happy to help.