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Been seaching round for ages on line. looking for a quote like trying to find a needle in a hay stack :!:

Any one know of any decent insurance companys for first time drivers :?:

any help be great

The car I am trying to insure is
K reg
You may try Fortis Insurance Ltd.
I'm with Fortis and they told me that everything will be sorted out just fine since i :oops: wrecked(well, scratched the nose) of a Ferrari Testarossa from a Brit whilst pulling back my ARRSE pikey van from the check-in lane at the entrance of the Eurotunnel heading to Blithy 4 weeks ago ! :twisted:
scarletto said:
Yep Confused, they even have a drop down menu for where you park your car that says " Within guarded millitary compound such as Barracks" they have also been the cheapest for me 3 years running.
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