Car Insurance


Where's the best place to get it from?

the best quote i got was that tesco online place...
£646 per anum they were asking.

anyone know anywhere cheaper?
Where are you - UK, Germany etc?
Try the AA - apparently they're a pretty competative broker.
AA and Direct Line have always quoted me very high premiums - and then bombarded me with junk mail for months.

I am currently with More Than, who seem pretty good. Have my scooter with NU, and had the car with them at reasonable rates. Experience of claims with them has been poor, however, so I couldn't recommend them.


Always worth phoning a good half a dozen agents- you WILL save by doing so- sometimes A LOT!
The best several years running for me I have found is- Key Connect
Phoenix Court, Jacobs Well Lane, Wakefield, W Yorkshire, WF1 3NT

ring 01924 207014
08:00- 19:30 mon-Fri and 09:00- 15:00 sat.

They give a discount to Police Officers..don't know about forces..worth asking.
I think Key Connect run the motor side of the Affinitas operation, much advertised in 'Soldier'. The Tesco car insurance is actually run by Direct Line, though they'll give different quotes.
I phone around for quotes, When they ask if I have had a quote before I just knock 100 quid off the price.

They are as hungry for business as the next man, Do the same when phoning for prices for exausts and tyres etc

Lower thier margins, they can give significant discount and still be in profit.
Well worth shopping around for quotes - it can save hundreds. I used to use Swinton who were awful. They claim to be independent brokers but I suspect that, like AA, they use a panel - 5 or 6 firms maybe. I used to leave it until the last minute and so had no time to shop around and just renewed with them. But their customer care was dreadful so the next time I got about 6 quotes online and went from an annual premium of about 830 to 300 quid (same car, same no claims etc). That was with Admiral and they have been brilliant. I was a total mug to stay with Swinton for so long. For women drivers, Diamond gives very low rates - because we are safer! (ooh...light blue touch paper, stand well back...).

This piece might help too:
Anyone who is going to Germany, ditch your UK insurance and go with Axa Colonia. I saved £800 per year. Admittedly, Norwich Union have since dropped their prices but the Germany insurers beat everyone else hands down. If you do though, ensure you take out the 'Legal assistance' insurance as well. It is an extra 4 euro a month but covers all the German legal side as well, such as translating any court or other legal documents into English etc. Otherwise you could find yourself at the mercy of the German legal system.

When you then leave Germany, they also give you a UK valid proof of no claims to give to your next insurer.
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