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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_merchant_of_venice, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. I have just renewed my car insurance, and I notified them about me being in the TA. the quote for the vehicle itself was fine... including business use and unlimited modifications...

    but... they have removed the third party cover for any other vehicle..... apparently, upon questioning this, I offered to pay more money, but this is not possible, as apparently being in the TA means you CANNOT under any circumstances have third party cover for any other vehicle.... bizarre...

    my own vehicle is group 12, and the quote was fully comp, and actually LOWER than what any of these online 'quote me happy' style things have to offer for a totally standard vehcile and standard person.....

    maybe they are thinking I will be taking a warrior out for a joyride on a saturday night and crash it?? then try and claim on the normal car insurance....
  2. I was under the impression that to be legally insured, to drive on the road, 3rd party cover was mandatory?

    If what you say is correct (and I'm not doubting you at all) yhen surely you are not legally covered?

    Maybe someone more grown up than me will have the answer.

    (of course I could just be talking tosh... it would not be the first time!!)
  3. To drive a vehicle you need minimum 3rd party cover, but the problem Mr Venice has is being refused 3rd part cover to drive any vehicle other than his own - ie if he were to borrow a friends. As it is the army provides cover when you're in their time so don't know what his agency are upset about, why not add a caveat to the policy removing any potential liabillity for mil vehicles?
  4. Sorry I re-read the post - it's been a long day!!

    I understand now that the part of the insurance that has been removed is the provision of 3rd party cover whilst driving another vehicle other than the principle insured vehicle.

    As far as I'm aware this is not a restriction solely because of TA (although it may be in this case). I read somewhere that insurance companies where thinking of removing the ability to drive another vehicle on 3rd party cover from all comprehensive policies. This was a measure they were putting in place because the Yoof of today and a lot of people with poor driving records, but plenty of cash, were buying a group 1 vehicle insuring it fully comprehensively and then driving their modified or group 20 other vehicle.

    Again I am no expert but I'm sure there are others on this site that maybe.

    This also causes a problem for anyone who buys cars as a hobby to restore or refurbish, where as before they could drive their newly acquired vehicle home on their fully comprehensive cover now they have to cover each car individually. This happened to me recently when I bought a car on eBay for a modest sum, I had to insure the car for 1 month even though I was only going to make 1 journey in it for at least 12 months (from sellers location to my garage where it is currently stripped down to its chassis).
  5. Re: comment by Nishka.

    yes, I see your point.

    One interesting point I was told by someone at an insurance company.... if you buy a vehicle that has no insurance, if you TOW it behind your own insured vehicle, then technically it is a trailer, and as such is covered on your main vehicle insurance.

    So hence, if you are into buying/restoring cars, then to collect them, just take a tow rope, and a mate, and you can legally bring it home. The towed vehicle does not even need an MOT.(or so I was told sometime ago).........disclaimer... might be a good idea to check this fact to see whether it is still valid for towing a 40 year old car out of a barn then towing it round the M25........
  6. I have just renewed my car insurance. Im now with Hastings direct and I have 3rd party cover to driver any other vehicle I don't own. I told them I was in the TA and it made now difference.

    It must just be down to the actual insurers. I know someone who has full NCB and their insurance doesn't cover other cas.
  7. You can only drive another car you don't own and that has an insurance policy from someone else active on that car.

    So you can't insure a 1.1 metro, then buy a Evo and drive it, cos no-one else is insured on it.
  8. make_safe, i make you right mate.

    When towing a vehicle, BOTH cars must be road legal, i.e insurance, MOT, tax.
    The only way around moving a car which is not road legal is to put it on a trailer.
  9. Was looking around at quotes there, and just out of interest I'll ask this.

    Can a bod in the TA calim that he has had access to a 'company car'?

    For example, on most insurace quote forms online, they ask if the driver has had any previous driving experince without accident.

    Because he is in the TA, and driving mini-buses, vans and staff cars, could this be classified as a company car with x years accident free?
  10. Worth a try mate but i dont think that your get anywhere, apart from committing fraud that is, and it could invalidate your insurance !

    When asked if you have previous driving experience etc, i think they are really looking for a answer that denotes continuious driving and not part time, you might be a part time soldier but that doesnt make you a part time driver either Vocational or Non Vocational.

    e.g. you could say that you have been driving for the TA for 5 years and so giving you 5 years experience but in real life that could only be
    5X6 weekends (which is fcuk all) and a get out clause for the insurance company because its a false statment !

    As we all know, insurance companies will look at every thing in order to get out of paying up (yankers) and you could be giving them the reason that they are looking for !

    But having said that: mention it to them rather than write it on any sort of form and judge their reaction. who knows, you might be lucky.
  11. Your right.

    If I get done for fraud I'll be wanting more than saving a few quid!