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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by RogerOut2, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. Mrs Roger just bought a new car, on phoning Direct Line for a quote she was asked is the car for work, her answer is it isnt, and so the conversation progressed accordingly and she got her cover and drove the car away this morning.

    However in a conversation with her sister later she was told that if she uses the car to travel to and from work then that counts as using the car for work. Allegedly this is what the sisters broker told her when she insured her car. Accordingly there was an extra charge to pay for an increased premium.

    Can one of you insurance gurus out there advise whether this is true that travelling to and from work counts as using the car for work? My usual take would have been that you are not at work until you get there and you are not at work once you leave and the car is not used in the course of your work.
  2. Your talking two different policies, 1. Social and Domestic, to and from one place of work, 2. Business use, for traveling selling o behalf of business.

    If she works in one place she only needs 1. this is a standard policy with most insurers, check the cover level.
  3. Thanks leveller, thats a long the lines that I thought. However the sister was most insistent that some people had apparently invalidated their policies by not declaring that they used to to go to and from work.

    Seemed most odd to me.
  4. My insurance asked the same and I had to declare using it for commuting and even say where it was going to be parked when I was working, ie- secure barriered car park
  5. Are you surprised, parking in Gloucester?
  6. It's slightly more complicated than has been mentioned above, though all are right as far as they go.

    For ordinary commuting to a single place of work, Social Domestic & Pleasure (and travelling to/from place of work) is the one to go for, but only if you never have the opportunity to be reimbursed your travel costs. If you occasionally have to travel to another place of work (when you should get paid for it), you should have business insurance. Without it you'd be naughty to accept payment. You'd also be contravening the terms of your insurance, but who'd know? Unless £20,000 worth of stock ends up littered all over the road when you total your car.

    There are more instances where you need business insurance. For example, if your wife is a Registered Child Minder. She may not be able to drive, but if one of the little terrors that she looks after takes ill and you take the kid home in your car, you must have business insurance for that - even though you're not getting reimbursed and you're not part of her business.

    Another example is if you are in the likes of the building trade. Although you may not be reimbursed for your travelling and you don't use the car for materials, you're likely to be visiting more than one site during the course of your policy, so you should have business insurance.

    It's well worth shopping around. In the past I've found that some insurance companies charge no more for Business than for SD&P, but others pile on the surcharge.

    And, of course, as mentioned in numerous threads, if you drive to the TA, you need business insurance and if you're Regular and claim mileage, you'll also need business insurance.
  7. when I was getting an online quote from Direct line last night I was suprised there was no question asking what you intended using the car for but when I looked into it as long as you aren't employed in a handful of occupations (not including HM Forces) your automatically covered for business use.

    Could be handy for anyone intending to claim MMA at any point
  8. I am with Direct line and as you rightly say my policy covers me for business use at no extra charge.

    I have to show my policy to my employer every renewal before I can claim for my mileage.
  9. Asked insurance coy for business cover got updated cert through post and premium had gone down. Didn't call them back to ask any qusetions :)
  10. what firm was that with C_C? I haven't got a hope in hell's chance with Kwik-fit but be handy to know a few alternatives for the next policy
  11. Shop around. I think these insurance companies just make things up. My renewal with More Than was 80 quid up on the previous year. This despite the fact that I no longer use the car for commuting and my annual mileage has been cut from 12000 to less than 5000 now that I have retired. When I phoned to cancel, they got it down to being only 20 quid up. However, going through their web site as a "new" customer, it was 20 quid less than the previous year. Eventually went with Axa who offered me the same fully comp, protected NCB etc for 40 quid less than I paid last year. Looks like they pick a number, double it and try to get what they can from you.
  12. They seem to whack the price up sometimes on the second year of the policy. Play a few off against each other.
  13. It was with Tesco - I'm not sure if they****ed up but I wasn't arguing :)

    With LV now and they are quite good - Cust Serv is excellent (English based cheerful) were very helpful when I told them my military address - gave me the best options for overseas cover and various other bit's I'd not thought of.
  14. cheers for that both Tesco & LV are two I've never tried. Will keep them in mind
  15. As Ex-Bleep said, shop around. Martin Lewis has produced a guide Cheap Car Insurance: Compare 200+ quotes & grab hidden cashback... which shows you how to compare prices from the majority of Insurance companies.

    If the price still seems high, it is always worth asking what they are basing it on, especially if you have made a claim. I was quoted way over the odds for cover this year and when I asked what it was based on, they stated that both my wife and I had been at fault for a collision on the motorway on the same day. They had recorded my accident against my wife and me, thereby doubling the risk.