Car Insurance when returning from BFG

Following on from my previous post on the BFG/DVLA deregistering difficulties I am having... I am now at a new stand still. Any help would be appreciated:

I phoned the DVLA (I can never get through to the BFG VLO!) to ask which registration number I have to get UK car insurance for in order to import the vehicle and register it in the UK. They said that I need to find an insurance company that will insure the vehicle by chassis number as the registration number wont be allocated until I import it.

I have no difficulties understanding that I need to get UK insurance to import it and get tax before I then sell it to the main dealer and get the new car, but they cant guarantee i will get the old reg number back. Surely not all mil pers are required to go through this ordeal...?
Oh and the BFG VLO in JHQ is pants i spent 2 hours waiting for it to answer on loudspeaker for it only to close whilst i was waiting!
I will give them a call in the morning!!

I suspect, being a UK company I will have the same problem as I do now - the certificate gets sent to the UK address, which, in order to get it to me in Germany within a week could prove difficult... worth trying though!
Nathan 1985
I'm having the exact same problem myself. I realise it's over a year ago you posted this but can you remember what insurance company you ended up using? All the / type companies will only use a UK number plate. Usual UK Insurers will take a chassis number if I'm taking out a years policy, but I only need cover to register at Maidstone and get down to eastbourne.
Thanks in advance!
It has been awhile since I did this so things may have changed but I cannot recall ever having this problem. But then I was insured by a UK based insurer while in Germany. I never tried to import a vehicle that was insured with a German insurer (in fact I cant recall that i ever used a German insurer). At the time I think there weer only two UK insurers we were authorised to use by BFG.

So maybe that is the simple answer - think ahead and, if you intend importing the vehicle back to the UK, keep and use it on UK insurance. It also helps you out when you come back to UK permanently.
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