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I've been told that I can claim back the difference in insurance between SW1 and my new place of residence in NI. Is this urban myth or true?
If true what is the admin route and what is the exact post code at SW1?
South West London, probably not a lot of difference in insurance costs between the two.


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From AFF site

Car Insurance in Northern Ireland
Some families might find that the cost of car insurance in NI is higher than the UK mainland. Larger companies demand high premiums, so it is important to shop around.

Under ‘normalisation’ car insurance does not carry the same security measures that were in place during Op Banner, when NI was an Operational Theatre. Although there may still be security factors to consider, it is possible to save money by using an NI-based insurance company, although this is entirely your choice. Companies cannot be security checked, as individuals working for them change over time, therefore common sense should be applied.

When considering the cost of insurance, you should be aware that the Army will refund the difference between a car insurance quote for NI and a quote for the same car in London SW1A 2HB. If your insurance company cannot quote for London, then Warrior (NAAFI Finance) may be able to provide a quote. Contact your pay office for advice on obtaining a car insurance rebate
Bootifull said:
If your insurance company cannot quote for London, then Warrior (NAAFI Finance) may be able to provide a quote.

Be prepared to pay through the nose then!

I had a posting to SE1 in London and the insurance cost was massive, because it was London, I would imagine SW1 would be about the same.


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Back in 1998, I was no longer in the TA, but studying for MSc at college in London, and carried out 5 months research in NI, but ended up staying 8 months, as I got some wqork after completing project. I informed my insurance company that I was going, so they continued to cover me. However, when my insurance ended, they would not extend it, so I found a NI company for my remaining few months. Car was stolen and destoyed, but RUC found it - sadly, irrepairable and missing some items that had been stored in boot. So, make use of any remaining insurance left on your current policy.
The clip above from the AFF site, although out of date (we are now called Forces Financial) is still correct in that we can provide you with a motor insurance quote on either your NI or BFPO postcode. If you accept the policy we can then send you a proof of the premium for the same details based on a SW1 address for use in your claim.

For further information visit or call freephone 00800 76 76 77 77 from UK & Germany, and +44 1782 793 470 from rest of world.

Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL

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