Car Insurance + Mobile Phone -Whilst away on ops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of a forces friendly insurance company that will suspend insurance policies whilst a soldier is away on ops and the car is effectively off the road? Basically I don't want to be paying for insurance when I'm not using the car, but when I come back on leave I'll want it to be insured...
    Have just been told by my current insurer that they won't do it, but they'll be happy to leave the policy running whilst I'm away... How helpful!

    Same goes for my mobile. O2 won't suspend the phone contract, but will take me down to the lowest tarriff. Is it worth hanging on to the contract for texting whilst in theatre (afghanistan) or will I regret it later on...?
  2. Naafi do somethiong called laid up cover but there policys can be costly, it may be worth go toing a broker and explaining what you need. There must be policys for vintage cars that cover them in the garage for long periods of time it may be worth going down that route.

    As for the mobile i would cancel the contract and get a pay as you go for texting etc.
  3. Well I took my 3 phone to Cyprus, just for the month (contract). It cost me £600 and I was trying to be cautious. The brastards told me my minutes would count while abroad....turns out they don't.

    Best way for abroad is to get a pay as you go. Top it up with £100 then text only.

    As for your current contract...lower the tariff. It's the only solution. Either that or ditch the thing. Thats what I did...I don't even get letters anymore.

    It is always writing or emailing O2...I don;t know about them but the tw*ts at 3 all have differnet opinions.
  4. Problem with "laid up" insurance and the like is that they specify that you must have the vehicle in a garage. Bit difficult if you are a singly who parks on the square or where ever.

    Try going for fire and theft insurance only.

    Agree with the pay as you go phone idea as well.
  5. I left my car "garaged" the last time I went away and paid 8 euro / month, this was in Germany, and with AXA. They kept it insured as it was left on camp in a hangar but classed it as being garaged, all I needed was a letter from the OC confirming it. You may be able to get this type of cover where you are.
    As for the phone not a lot you can do really, cancel the contract and pay the full price for the phone or just bite the bullet and pay the rental.
  6. Okay, so where do I find an insurance broker? I take it this is different from speaking to the insurance companies direct?
  7. Try the yellow pages for one of those old fashioned insurance shops that are on the high street they should be able to help.
  8. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Orange do a 6 month 'break' in your contract at no charge. Very good and the staff were hopeful on my last tour. As my leave was after 4 and 1/2 months I renewed during that leave and paid for the buckshee 6 weeks. If you have an early leave, you'd be better off starting the break as you redeploy (they won't let you break more than once in a year).

  9. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Also, be very wary of telling some insurers that your vehicle is actually kept on camp - many insurers will refuse to pay out if that is the case (they'll only tell you once the damage is done). I changed to AA for this reason, from elefant. MOD property is an easy get out clause.

  10. Drop your car insurance to 3rd party (off the road) and tell O2 to ram it for the sake of about a £75-100 charge.

    That way you keep any no claims you need coming your way and your phone bill wont be £10,000 plus VAT
  11. You may wish to consider cancelling your road tax for the period when the car is 'off the road' - if you can put your hand on your heart and say it is in a garage for six months and therefore should be exempt from road tax, that is. Don't forget to renew it when you get back on the road!
  12. Axa insurance do a suspension of insurance but you normally need to provide proof that the car is not going to be driven - ie. a letter from the Guardroom saying that they have the keys or something.

    Dunno if it provides limiyed 3rd party fire and theft cover. Might be worth asking.
  13. It's always pissed me off that I can keep my car parked nearly all on the time on a camp, guarded by men armed with rifles who can/could shot intruders dead, surrounded by wire, patrolled by armed men with dogs that bite and Insurance companies treat me as iif I've left the car parked on a Chav estate with the keys in it!
  14. I think you have to declare that it is "off the road". You cannot just let the tax lapse and restart on your return. There's an £80 fine IIRC.

  15. Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) does apply. Technically yes, you CAN do it, but a bit of a pain in the hoop, especially if you want to use the car on R&R and you arrive back at camp at 3am! 8O