Car Insurance - Linked Policies. Beware the discount that isn't.


Just realised that Ned and Frau have been right-royally had by RAC/Avon Insurance. Sharing this to warn others not to be as lax as we were with personal admin.

Cutting a long story short. In 2011, using a comparison web site, a car insurance policy offered by the RAC came out as a very attractive option particularly as it included a discount if we took out life insurance underwritten by Avon. Posted abroad in 2013, we cancelled the car insurance and thought no more about it. As we have a slack handful of insurance policies for different things, we didn't think much about the £4 per month that was still going out to Avon and eventually "forgot" that it was associated with the car insurance. Finally getting round to some spring cleaning of our accounts, we recently decided to look into our more trivial standing orders and direct debits and realised that the nearly £200 that we have paid to Avon since we cancelled the RAC policy in 2013 is probably far more that the discount that we got in the first place.
And, no; you can't have a refund.

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