Car insurance legislation

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jagman, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. If you read the proposal it is not as bad as it seems.
    As you only have to have insurance if your vehicle is taxed, if its not taxed then you dont have to have insurance, so if you take a vehicle off road hand in tax disc (claim refund if applicable) and cancel insurance. Can't see any reason that you would need a car to be taxed and not insured just wasting the tax money when you can claim it back.
  2. Must be being dim but I can't see a reference to it only being taxed vehicles in the article
    So if you buy a new car and then put your existing one up for sale you must pay inurance on both while its up for sale?
    No wonder the insurance companies think its a good idea, they get a fee for nothing...
  3. More money grabbing by the goverment! :x

    Some time ago, due to sustaining a severe injury i couldn't drive my car for around 12 months. The insurance and tax was due for renewal a couple of months into my injury, so i declared my car SORN and popped it in my garage where it remained untouched for the best part of 14 months.
    When i was able to drive again, i taxed, insured and had it M.O.T'd. No problem.
    What would have been the bloody point in throwing hundreds of pounds away for something that was sat in my garage??
    If the goverment actually does believe that it will stop people driving without insurance then they really must have rocks in their heads! If people insist on driving without insurance which is a legal requirement, then they're not going to be deterred in the least by this legislation, else they would be insured to start with.
  4. no link in there but saw this last week and looked into it more as have one or two vehicles myself and was running out of fingers to count my road tax bill. just cant find where i managed to read a copy of the proposal now but it reads as i stated above. only hassle will be constant retaxing and untaxing vehicles but can aleast do that online now
    if i find it again will put a link up
  5. The proposed legislation does say that if it's SORN then you pay no insurance just as you pay no tax now.

    If it's not SORN and on the road then it'll be seized and scrapped / auctioned automatically and you are dealt with by the Courts.

    This is just tightening-up the current situation and not an indication of the involvement of Illuminati / Masons / other NWO organisation.
  6. thing is makes it easier for you to be caught as police dont have to catch you driving all they do is set a computer program running that looks out for any taxeed car that is not insured and if it finds one then automatically sends out a fine/reminder/court summons/etc taking away the need for plod to catch you driving hence more revunue for a small amount of police man hours

    ps sounds like i think its a good idea but i dont
  7. In other words, just like the whole SORN thing, its just another cash cow.
    Wonderful, when does the enviromental tax for farting come in then?