Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by big_s, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. anyone know the address in london used for getting a car insurance quote so i can get my rebate over here in NI?

    would wait till the morning but wanna get it sorted on line tonight

    thanks guys in advance
  2. an address in sw1, however you have to have proof of the quote and most internet quotes wont let you just put in sw1
  3. can i just make one up, as long as it starts with SW1?
  4. most people just use their own address in the mainland, however if you had an accident and they found out you actually lived in NI it would invalidate your insurance.
  5. what would be the chances of that...........
  6. hit or miss, dont forget you will have told them your job!
  7. Its called 'making a false declarion for the purposes of obtaining insurance' and is a criminal offence. It can also invalidate your insurance, rendering the whole thing pointless and leaving you open to the offence of no insurance as well as a huge bill.

    You could probably find better deals than this SW1 thing anyway if you shop around.

    I never used it.
  8. never bothered with SW1 quotes myself. Quotes here aren't too bad
    tis "normal" here now!

    Direct Line and Endsleigh worked out cheapest for me only an extra £50 A year for a NI SFA address...