Car Insurance in Germany

Hi, anyone give me an idea regards getting my car insured and covered for breakdown whilst in Germany. Im posted there soon and I know NAAFI do it, but heard the doors had been opened to other companies. Any ideas? Thanks.
ANY UK insurance company will be accepted by BFG as long as you have informed your insurance company that the car will be de-registered at DVLA and registered with BFG. If they are happy to continue to cover you, and they send you a statement of that fact in writing, then BFG will (have to by law) accept it.
I'd avoid NAAFI to be honest, and O'Girkes. I found Allianz to be an awful lot better, in service and price.
TFI have just tried to fleece me and Mrs ACC, with over nine years no claims and the insurance went up!! AXA do a good deal but avoid O'Girkes as i went to the main AXA bod in Herford and he was cheaper for the same deal.

There is only a few UK companies that you can use in BFG, (5 at last count), if you go with a German company, then you will have to pay for legal protection as they come under a separate policy.

My ten pence worth, AXA, ADAC for roadside then ADAC for legal protection.

PM for the number for Herford AXA if you so wish.

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